My builds past/present and future

I’m lucky enough to have a powered and insulated shed but I’m in desperate need of some organisation!!!

I should upload a pic of the chaos in the hope I get guilted into getting my shit together.

I’ve done a few DIYs now and learnt heaps but so much to learn still. I’m hoping to have a crack at a battery build later in the year and then maybe try some 3d printing.

My first DIY was a Meepo hybrid. Meepo AWD GT deck that I did my own foam grip tape and Waterbourne Surf Adaptors. Maker X DV4 ESC, loop key, 100mm Meepo hubs, 4 x Meepo AWD GT packs run in parallel for a 10s4p Sony VTC6 pack. Shitty DIY Enclosure.

Learnt how to program an ESC with VESC tool, solder (kind of lol), and generally start getting my head around how everything works.

Next was a big step up! A 4wd Torqueboards Direct drive. 2 x Maker X DV6s, deck and enclosure combo by Glyphiks, 12s5p Samsung 40T Marsen battery, 3d printed loop key risers.

I absolutely loved this board but have had some issues, from multiple bent hangers to delamination of TB110s. It’s currently waiting on new steel hangers designed by and I’ve got a set of 115mm airless rubber wheels to replace the TB110s. I hope to get it back on the road for some indoor race meets at a go-kart track in Perth WA starting soon. My first race with this board I had the delam issues under heavy breaking so came a cropper.

I love short boards too and have owned a Verreal mini, and Meepo mini 2. Decided to make my own version. I fibreglassed a skateshred blank deck and had a crack at my first fibreglass enclosure. It’s certainly not the prettiest but she does the job. Currently have it running with a Maker X DV6 (maker X mini FOC plus crapped itself on first ride and a TB6 i busted the USB-C plug the first time I plugged it in!!). Battery is a Marsen 12s3p Samsung 40T. I skinned the deck with an Iron on print on a cotton pillow case haha and some green medium frit. I completely fucked the original TB mount by not allowing loctite to cure fully multiple times. It currently has a hacked up Boarbnamics mount running a TB6380.

I really don’t like the feel of the ride with a powerful single drive. Hard to get traction on full acceleration when needed and I keep getting belt slippage under heavy braking.

Will photo bomb on next comment and continue my dribble as keep getting errors trying to upload more pics. TBC…


As promised, more pics and dribble…

After the issues with the TBDD setup I needed something to keep me going and to get me to work once or twice a week. I switched up the build to a dual Flipsky 6374 set up with TB V7 mounts and a fancy custom, bread board motor mount cross bar. I had major wobbles on this set up and put it down to the TB160s being unbalanced. Turns out I’d been running it with a 16T pulley I’ve side and a 15T the other :man_facepalming:. Only discovered after I did some repairs after it got run over by an inattentive driver pulling out from a servo and not looking left.

What’s next:

I scored another Landyachtz Switch that matches my current one so Glyphiks will hopefully be knocking me up another enclosure as he still has the mould for the previous one :crossed_fingers:. If he’s not over building batteries by now I’m also hopeful of a 12s5p p42a to go with the enclosure :pray:. I’ve already glassed the bottom and will glass the top once I’ve got the enclosure and added threaded inserts.

I’ve ordered a bunch of parts from and have a bunch of motors laying around. Not 100% yet but likey a dual TB630 on 7inch tyres and MBS hubs.

My mini I’ll be changing at some point too. Either dual belt motors or back to dual hubs. The single drive just isn’t working out for me!

I’d also love to try my hand at battery building. Maybe later this year I’ll attempt to burn my house down. Who knows. I’ll probably start with a cheat version of a battery build using stuff perhaps. Speaking of which…

Now to clean my shed!!


Nice! Be sure to show before and after photos of the shed clean! Love a bit of mess round these parts.

Will definitely get to the enclosure soonish dude, i’m finally starting to catch up on my outstanding project list so its coming!


Yep. Need this for motivation lol


Look it still needs a lot of work but a bit of a tidy up…

After: still a mess but better. This was a good hour and a half of sorting lol

Need to get little storage draws and some shelving.


You definitely need some storage solutions in there my dude :sweat_smile: the more shit you can keep on the vertical, the more shit you can leave laying around on your horizontals :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Grabbed an old old set of draws tucked away unused and bought a few plastic storage things.

Getting there slowly…

Now to actually do some work on my boards!