Puck, Puck, Bruce!

Let’s play a game!

Print this object to continue.

Most recent test-print/dummy model found here:

(You will want to flip the model 180 to print)

Something that looks like a Bruce, but is not?

This is a Rev 2 pass on a rough primitive Bruce model meant to be printed with 15% infill for testing grip/fit & getting some feedback. Let me know how it feels with a 2/3 finger grip, gloved vs ungloved, etc. Asking for input.

What am I up to here? Hint: Here was the first pass design, where I tried to see how compact I could get the enclosure. Ultimately it felt a bit too small & blocky, so I went with a more ergonomic shape that is based on the final Bruce design.

REV 1 Design (abandoned):

Let me know how it works out, just printed my first pass of the Rev 2 design:

I know this is going to be confusing, but no, this is not an OSRR/FreeSK8 remote. Consider this a fun little side project we’ve had in discussion. :wink:


@Jujo here it is.


Been looking forward to this, I am considering buying a puck and feel this mod would be pretty nice to do. Gonna print it in the next few days :love_you_gesture:


YES. Real development and progress. This is why I’m here. Excellent work @Andrew! I’m so glad I’m here

I’ll print it out tonight. 15% infill, laying flat?



You’ll want to flip it over 180 so it prints with the front/flat side down, 15% infill. This is just a primitive solid to get a feel for the grip and so people can get an idea of what it will feel like to hold one so I can get feedback.

I added REV1 Top/Bottom shell to the repo as well just for reference, but I’ve since binned this design and started from scratch on REV2.


Printing now. May even do one in resin just to be fancy

EDIT: no i’m not printing cause i’m getting an error on the link.

EDIT EDIT: found it. you want us to do the “test print” file?


Just the reason I need to put my 3D printer back together after the move…

Great work, looking forward to swappin’ puck bods.



^ This is the most recent version. This is a test-print/dummy mockup, so its one solid piece just meant to approximate the dimensions of the remote. My hands are big, so I wanted to get feedback from different folks to see how this works for them. Probably dont want to do resin for it, I’d suggest PLA w/ 10-15% infill to make it go quick.

@Benjamin you finished up a print right?


Damn straight :love_you_gesture:

Looks sexy.

Fits really good in my normal human sized hands. Three fingered grip is comfy, and very secure.

I think that the two finger grip is probably going to be the one for me though.

Bonus pic of my breakfast.

Its a little big for my GF’s hands.

Final thoughts:

I like it, its comfortable. Feels more secure in the hand then the Puck, and its much easier to locate my thumb’s position on the thumb wheel. I wish the thumb wheel was a little bit further forward.


awesome! it appears all I have to do is think about an idea and it’s already happening. I can’t hold my damn puck… was thinking about this exact idea. so stoked to see it happening.

damn. my 3d printer is still broke. I worked on my desk area to fit in a new monitor and clean up 10 years of crap instead of fixing the printer. so now I have a nice monitor on which to read threads that tell me I should have fixed the printer…


Also, awarding 2000 pts for excellent title.


Aww thanks! I have every intention of naming the small batch we’ll have available in the store that exactly. Devices should have weirder names, imo.

I’ll get some shells printed up and available for folks that want to test these out. This is a quick/easy way for me to get some feedback on the new Bruce redesign and I can take the progress here and directly apply it to the FreeSK8/OSRR version.

What if I were to say we might also have a small limited edition batch of Puck, Puck, Bruce! Remotes w/ the upgraded hall-effect thumbwheel from OSRR/FreeSK8 instead of the standard Hoyt thumbwheel?


Mine is almost done printing! I’ll report in after


I find it very comfortable! Fits right in my hand and along the contours inside the palm.

Dog approved too!

My wife held it and said it felt a bit wide for her hands but she has smaller hands than I do. Took a pic of her holding it too.


So this is now 3 different lady hands that have held it and have given feedback that the REV2 feels a bit too large. Makes me think that perhaps I should finalize the REV1 design as the Small version and then finish up the REV2 as the Larger version. Here are the two for comparison:


Yep. My lady said it feels too thick. Hard for her to wrap her fingers around.


In case optional design idea are welcome here as well. I‘m in love with that pop socket addition to my puck. It’s so solid and secure fixed and nicely to control. Even wearing a wrist protect it’s still fit. This was always an issue with any other remote. The only thing I don’t like is that the pop socket is glued to the remote case and as the case is slightly bend it will come off at one point. If that kind of fixation would be integrated in the shell or the shell would offer some kind of clip for those kind of sockets, that would be perfect.


@Andy87 I saw this in the pictures thread and intended on following up with you on it. Brilliant idea.

I think having a bottom shell with a Popsocket shaped indentation for mounting definitely needs to happen, we’ll make it so.


Sorry I don’t really bring anything to this forum but this is hilarious :rofl: @glyphiks this will be one of many do we have a derailed thread @BillGordon
I can’t help myself to much sugar in my coffee :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes yes yeahs :grin: