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My first time here.


This build was a blast! I hope that you love it Andrew!

This thing was quite a squeeze to fit a 12s5p 40T, a Unity and a Daly BMS in this enclosure, but somehow I managed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: The DRI PCB’s made this battery build as clean as it can be.

It was sad to see this roll out of the shop, but gotta make room for whatever is next!

If you would like yours to be the next build to roll out of my shop, hit me up :wink:


Maybe it’s the lighting, but are those titanium bolts holding the trucks?

Sexy build tho! The white and black color-scheme looks mint! :heart_eyes:

Let us know how it rides, and what angles you have the adjustable trucks set to!


@Benjamin FB320 with adjustable baseplates? Are they set to the usual angle? Beautiful stuff man. Going the extra mile


Looking good man, can’t wait to hear the review. Really digging the tuxedo white and black.


Damn straight. Those etoxx baseplates are fucking gorgeous.

Yep right now they are just 35° front and rear. The Robot can adjust them to his heart’s content.



Hey Kevin-

Good to see you. Bumped your trust level.


Bill is back into the game guys! :partying_face:
Since this is your forum and i never dared ask on the ESN, can i have a special unique badge? image

btw @Benjamin i’m highly disapointed in you
Andrew how did you miss this!?


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sweet baby jesus that’s pretty :heart_eyes:

@Andrew how do you like them super secret motors? enuff kick in that package size? :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

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This very small initial pre-production run of these new Hoyt motors were drilled and tapped by hand by the Hoyt boys to fit a 44mm mounting pattern.

The amount of effort they are putting in to make sure they have a rock solid product and to assure that their testers can use them to their fullest is truly amazing, and something to be respected.

To give you an idea of how awesome they are, when an issue with mouting the motors came up, Pete from Hoyt literally drove to my house, picked up the motors, drilled and tapped them by hand himself, and had them back to me that same day, working perfectly. The mounting holes being clocked slightly differently from each other is trivial.

This will, of course, not be an issue in the production motors.

@PixelatedPolyurethan I know you were just joshing bro :wink: I just think this is valuable info for everyone to see how awesome of a company Hoyt St. is!


damn this is the setup i want for my proto! Was this a DIY enclosure or from a stock board? My worry is the existing power and charge ports on the enclosure…not sure if the 12s5p setup will work with the existing holes.


I didn’t. Prototypes, doesn’t matter. :wink:

That was a totally stock prototipo/enclosure.

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That was a totally stock prototipo/enclosure.

did you reuse the same predrilled holes? what charge port was used?

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I should clarify- stock but came without holes pre-drilled so we had the option of moving the charge port/button wherever. It’s a smaller 5.5/2.1mm jack until it gets replaced with an LP16

haha all good. That’s some quality customer service regardless if you knew each other. I give my full respect to them, that’s just wholesome to see such passion

Not my forum, but sure. Hope I did it right.


you exceeded my expectations, thank you
can i have a sweet golden toilet paper roll logo as well?

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Agreed. These little motors kick. Up unil 75 amps. @Andrew what could you squeeze out of yours before they saturated.

I ran then in my flux,. But they got too hot and didn’t like my 20t gearing. 16t they did much better