2021 Build/Shop Plans and Goals

Much like the Mileage goal thread, this thread is for your Build and workshop plans/goals for the year 2021.

I’ll go first, although I’ll add some more in a couple hours.
(Obviously you don’t have to organize it like I did)

Shop Goals:

  • Get CNC Working
  • Fix 3D Printer
  • Create Screw and Nut Organizer

Build Goals:

  • Finish the long talked about Ground Control ReBuild
  • Build a very light, very tanky short board for grocery runs
  • Build an Emtb/E-Carver (More on that to come)
  • Build the official DRB, Deeif Raceboard (Very special plans for this one. Can’t wait for it)

Shop goals:

  • finish garage
  • organized storage units
  • permanent battery building station

Build goals:

  • pneumatic ultraboard
  • hybrid off-road board
  • light street board

Nice idea @DEEIF

Shop goals:
Maintain the order
Add a spot welder and build a battery
Update shop thread with current pictures
Outfit garage bench for better usage

Build goals:
Red Ember 44
Carver with @moon goodies
Lightweight board with mk2 drives in drawer(maybe integrated)

The first two will be done by February I would hope. Need to find a few parts I’m missing.


Good idea Dash

It’s like New Year’s Resolutions but for our shops

Shop Goals:
Build 3D printer enclosure
Upgrade 3D printer to be capable of printing Nylon X and Nylon G
Integrate bench power supply into workbench
Obtain a real vise

Build Goals:
Start and complete Haero offroad build
Rebuild first board with a better battery and battery enclosure
Fix Bustin 4wd hub board to not ride like garbage


Omg you’ll be amazed how great this will be

Shop goals:
Fully clean it
Get CNC working
Decide if the shop is still going to be for build skateboards or not

Build goals:
1984 Marshal 18watt with point to point new old stock wiring
Bunch of LEDs
No clue if I’m ever building skateboards again.


Shop goals:
Sell one 3D printer and get a drill press for it
Build a proper board stand

Build goals:
Mud guards for my quad
Getting my Tayto build back on the street…
tried one year to get some 36T Kegel pulleys, but they are still lost in transit.
Lose some more weight on my light weight jump board
Change motors and maybe drive train on 9“ board
Build a goofy all terrain board for my girlfriend


Yah haha all I have is a tiny baby 3 inch jaw ballhead panavise. While it’s come in handy it’s nothing like a real bench vise


Shop Goal:

  • Don’t even have one, I should look for a place, but I will probably live in it more than my house

Build Goal:

  • Swap out all the V4 ESCs for V6 (legit unities for sale Soon™)
  • “Try” again with AWD build

Miscellaneous Goal:

  • Keep nagging Amass to make the black XT90S again

Shop Goals:
* Get a shop/dedicated work area.

Build Goals:
* Build my own battery and switch to drive gears.


Shop goals:
Hang cabinets in garage, paint garage, get a smaller glass work bench. Figure out a way to put more paramotors in the same space. Change both bath tubs in the house into showers. Retile both baths.

Build goals.
Swap my 12s4p p42a for a 13s8p p42a
Complete the Etrike paramotor.
Possibly build a lightweight haero jumper


welp, time to review myself for this year

:x: Nope, that did not happen

:white_check_mark: all unities were sold

:x: Nope, I was poor :joy:

:x: Amass is a little bitch


We don’t need Amass for that.
Meanwhile we have some high experienced dye experts here. @glyphiks and @PixelatedPolyurethan did some great black xt90s I think.


Yeah dying them black is easy peasy. From what I understand, colours are a bit harder

Edit: excellent, i didn’t make any goals so i don’t have to feel shit about not achieving them :ok_hand:



:grimacing: still in progress, but I found a local guy who is willing to help me out getting them made out of glass fiber. Probably after winter thou. A bit too cold at the moment to proper cure epoxy.

:white_check_mark: …and was riding with it once… not sure what to do with that one. Just don’t use/need it. Should try to sell it maybe.

:white_check_mark: got it proper light and it was fun, but after changed some parts which did add weight a bit weight again. Still my favorite board.

:white_check_mark: had a good time playing around with inrunner. Just couldn’t get the right gear ratio to make it fit my needs. Currently on 1:6.25 gearing on Full Send Electric 173kV motors. Proper setup for more difficult terrain.

Well, 99% ready… the angry bee build. Got some practice in painting motors and decks. Definitely learned a lot there. If I just wouldn’t be too lazy to do the xeniths setup it would already run. Hoping for some good rides next year together with my better half.

Goals for 2022:
Actually not that much. New project at work doesn’t leave me much free time to tinker around. Still goals should be set.
Rebuilding my light weight jump board.
Needs some new motors as the 4year old APS motors are about to give up. I already have some 6384 170kV motors ready painted.
Got some new Idea mounts which need some anodizing and we should be good to go again.
Big goal is a full drive train rebuild of my quad.
I do get wheelbite turning hard with spikes installed, so I need wider trucks. I also want to move away from barrels as they are very close to pop out when ever I turn hard. So two options I have here. Getting some custom Apex Airs, or designing my own trucks. As it’s absolutely new to me I probably would enjoy trying out my own design. I‘m also not very happy with those 8085 and the big bearing situation in bad weather conditions, soooo I might try to get my inrunner to work again which would need a dual stage chain drive. Ideas are already in my head, but we will see if that’s going to work out :sunglasses:


Failed… Sold for what I bought it for though

Cnc profits bought a Prusa, so I guess that counts

Barely had time to ride ground control, let alone rebuild it


Done! :white_check_mark:

Coming soon yet slightly less impressive due to getting a stooge chassis instead of the original plan


welp, let’s revive it again

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Just get one from Al :raised_hands: we can close this point successfully