Abec and kegel pneumatic hubs

Hello. Anyone here are able to machine hubs for 6 inch tires with abec and kegel core?
I saw moon had something in the works some years ago. Something that would fit these m1 adapters from boardnamics would be awesome. Willing to play premium price for that. And i’m pretty sure others would too.

Bn abec and kegel adapters.

Moons idea here wouldnt fit these round pins on boardnamics adapters well.

They would need to have something like the original abec core or 6 round holes.

Is this doable? And since the interest is so high, why haven’t they been made yet? All i have seen is infinity hubs, but, because of the design they dont fit bn m1’s so well.(I don’t know why. @Abusfullofnuns maybe know more?)(Hope it’s ok i tagged you) But even the infinity hubs got ALOT of interest. So there is clearly a market.

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The only use case I can think of this is either direct drives, or quick wheel changes to replace flat tires on the go. Otherwise you’re just using a drive-train meant for urethane, which will have horrible torque on 6" wheels. Couldn’t even convince @JJHoyt to add kegel holes to their hubs for the 5" wheels, lol.

What use case do you have in mind?

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I mean. Many use them with pneumatics. And they also come with bergmeister adapters. 150 wouldnt be too bad i think?

I still don’t understand the benefit of Kegel over anything else with pneumatics. Particularly I don’t like the thought of the pulley interface interfering with the hub design aesthetics, something I’m dealing with on the Metro AT pulley right now.

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The only benefit for me, and others with m1 drives,and other gear drives with abec and kegel adapters, would be that we won’t have to swap drivetrain to get pneumatic hubs on them.
But it seems like that’s what i would have to do.

If these had holes for abec 6 pin, and were available, and actually fit the m1 drives on 10mm axle, i would buy them in an instant.

What % of the population are these folks?

I have no idea.
But, there are quite a few wanting the infinity hubs just for this reason.

Not the scale that you’d need to bring a product to market. A smaller biz could probably sell 50-100 sets fairly easily.