About the PEV/LEV Advocacy and Outreach category

In certain parts of the world, the promise and positive impact of personal electric vehicles are set aside in favour of political agendas and legislative throttling.

If you’re in a country where PEV or LEV is under attack, please post your place of residence, and the steps taken by your local authorities to weaken or outright ban the use of electric transport.

However, if you’re in a country where PEV/LEV use is allowed or hopefully even encouraged, please share the positive things the widespread use of PEV has brought to your country or locale. These factors can often help strengthen or inform legislative pushback.

No matter what you like to ride, it can be taken from you quicker than you think. Let’s be a positive force in PEV by banding together to get informed and get organized, and take our fate into our own hands as much as possible.

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love this, well written and concise. can we add LEV in there somewhere. it means the same thing as PEV but i believe its the moniker used in europe

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Here in Quebec Canada, cops were given a pamphlet to determine what ticket they can give us.
Here is that pamphlet

And here is one of the tickets (you can get one everytime a cop wants, no matter if you’ve gotten one that day)