Ass Fault Ocean

This thread is to show off the cool or messed up roads you get/have to deal with on the daily. Let’s see em!! Also where we’re going, we don’t need roads


Roads? Where we are going we don’t need roads

(to be fair this is an entrance to a construction zone, and it’s surprisingly ok to ride)


I encounter most of my messed up paths offroad apparently

Banish me if you must


This is right in front of my house.
It will wake you up if you don’t know it’s there ahead of time.

This is my arch nemesis.
It is this half ass pave job. Like a coating over gravel…

It is all over the place and sucks on both thane and pneumatics…

This is just for show…
There are only like 5 blocks like this in town.


That’s a low dirty dangler you got there! I bet she spins… I’m putting together my first street build now, although I’m going a direction I haven’t seen before. It’s taking some brainstorming.,. Looking for any input on it. Nothing fancy if fact so opposite it will be.

I have that same deck sitting in a corner… someone was supposed to come buy it this week but now I’m starting to get plans for it… ahhhhhh the struggle is real! How do you like it?

Some times you have to have enemies to make friends… If you are going to do it, you better damn well do it right!.. and I bet that is the most uncomfortable comfort you can feel. I live skating old brick…

Trying to find coffee out in the high desert around Barrett Junction at the Outlaw race in eeeeearly 2019.

I was successful.


It’s delicious to ride, I can’t ride non double drop boards anymore after this one
What are you planning?


It’s a fine deck for beginners but the 20° tip rides goofy unless you use the ats 12 trucks meant for it or something you can angle similarly. I had to use risers and it was a mess.

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What deck is the one with blue wheels?

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It is a earthwing muirderer 37 I cut down closer to the size of an Omakase

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I hate skating this road, have to get passed it though to get to the good stuff


I thought this thread was ASS (Anti-Spark Switch) Failed Open


This hurts my knees just looking at it…


Pretty sure this was here before they even mentioned ASS

There’s a lot to be said about that picture and statement. Send it.

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