Brian's workshop (CNC Mill build)

Brian’s workshop (also sabre dynamics :eyes:)

This is my current workshop, I say current because I am looking to move soon. I hope I can find something which has enough space for all my crap…

At this point I would say the degree of mess is medium, it surely has been a lot worse but for now I am quite happy with it. I can work on my projects and be productive which is the main goal. Normally I organise everything once a year and that deadline will probably come b4 christmas anyway.

As some of you may already know I started Sabre Dynamics a few weeks back, for which I am converting a manual mill to CNC. I am so excited to get her running and make some sexy parts.

The CNC conversion plan is going pretty well, Alessio helped me out quite a bit with some useful tips, for which I am super grateful he is an awesome dude and a great friend.

Pretty much finished the electronics box already

Already ran a test toolpath and the motors work as well.
Just waiting on the ballscrews and some CNCed parts to mount the motors :love_you_gesture:

Also recently dug out this used saw which still works like a charm and will be good to cut the metal for CNCing.

Will keep this thread updated with some random workshop pictures and projects


Holy hell man!!

Super jelly. I want to know all the things about that CNC conversion! My only claim to fame in that regard was upgrading a Sherline I had with a Gecko driver and Mach2. :joy:


Sherline lathe? And dude mach2 must be acient, mach 3 already looks acient :rofl:

Almost forgot to add pictures of the Z axis monster…


This exact puppy right here.

Mach2 looked slightly better than the software we put astronauts on the moon with.

What does that chonk even weigh? Hah, christ


Looks like a fun little project. I almost bought a relatively small chinese CNC router b4 I went the diy big boi way. Those are fun little things as well. But the Manual mill conversion will give something more capable for sure.

It weighs 6 kg :rofl: havung 12nm of torque it should be plenty whahaha


Last parts for the CNC are arriving within 2 weeks if the shipping goes well.

In the meantime I am preparing some things. Designed and printed the sensor probe mounts (will show pictures when installed).

The last few days I made these organizers for endmills (with cases) and the collet holders.


damn. I must :heart: organization. cause these photos speak to me. :smiley:


Thanks :love_you_gesture:t2: I’d like to organize more than I actually do though :rofl:


I need this.

Current situation on top of my mill


I see, there you go haha

I included three styles of inserts, you should test print the inserts to check the fit since every printer has a different accuracy. The inserts should be snug in the cutouts so the endmill case or endmill can be taken out without taking the insert with it. Cutouts on the bottom are to help tap the inserts out if you want to exchange them.


Legend! Thank you


Update on the CNC project

Been working hard on the CNC the past months and it has been quite the rollercoaster. Overall Alessio (rey8801) helped me a lot, he got loads of experience from his build, his tips saved me heaps of time for sure, very grateful for that.

I am using Mach3 which is pretty great but a bit outdated, which was a hassle to setup sometimes. In the end I got the controll box working nicely. I also used a custom Mach3 screenset partially modified by Alessio which makes the software so much more user friendly.

After the electronic part was done I assembled all the mechanical parts which took a while to align. During that process I also installed the sensors on each axis, here you can see the X axis. Wrapped the cables in some self adhering rubber tape to get some extra protection.

After having the mill assembled it was pretty much a month of tweaking, disassembly, reassembly and trial and error. In the meantime I also finished the stand.

When I tested axis range I found the Y axis was more limited than I anticipated, so I took everything apart again and modded/angle grinded the Y axis pocket to allow the sled to move further back.

Having assembled everything and I performed some milling tests, I blew a powersupply because a tiny chip got into the enclosure and was sucked into the supply, which was frustrating but was luckely an easy fix since no other components blew. After that I installed some very fine mesh in front of the fans.

After having fixed the issues, I trammed all the axis which was also a tedious process but worth it in the end.

Then I received a modular vise setup, which Alessio designed based off the SMW modvise setup and ordered for us from China. This setup is so great and practical. It allows you to use very low profile vise jaws which can be repositioned into all kind configurations within minutes. I 3D printed small tpu plugs to fill up the holes and also made some coloured tpu plugs which will later on mark certain setup positions.

Subsequently, I had to reface the spindle face because this face was not completely parallel to the bed. First I dressed the dremel stone grinding wheel with a diamond dressing tool and after, I faced the spindle surface 0.005 mm at a time.

I tried to tweak the (tool & toolholder) runout to be lower but at some point I just had to tell my self that this was still a DIY CNC and that with the current Mill I use as a base, I cannot achieve insane accuracy and runout.

Now it was SHOWTIMEE
And Im quite happy about how it runs atm.
Got some nice surface results and machined a few bits and bops already.

Learn more Fusion360 CAM techniques
Configure and use probing tool
Make a coolant setup
Calibrate for backlash
Install a chip chield on the front of the Y axis
Install wipers for the ways
Make the mill look nicer (machine custom front plate)

To be continued…


Excellent. This is awesome to see come together. And those x-things are looking pretty sweet!


So nice! I see big things coming, now you have everything together :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: