Creating a budget MTB deck

Ok guys, a friend of mine is playing around with creating some longboard decks and might want to do MTB deck as well in future.
It will be a composite/fiberglass deck I guess, so not really light, but you need to start from something.

I have seen some renders and they looked very much similar to the kaly decks.
As I don’t want him to be called a copy cat and because I think the Kaly design isn’t the best for a MTB, I would like to know your guys preferences on a proper MTB deck.

Which angles, which length, any specific features, shape ideas etc.

I have some my own ideas, but different people, different preferences, so would be good to hear some your opinions.


So for my take:
I‘m a bit fan of the Bro deck, but I prefer 35 degree angle.
The integrated binding threads are nice too.
I would hold the deck relatively flat and stiff for the overall length with just a bit of a concave on the foot position.
I‘d probably go a bit longer as the Bro.
100-105cm should give also a bit extra space for the battery.
No concave in the middle part at all, so it’s more easy for top mount battery boxes.

For front and back shape I would go for something inbetween of those two designs


I really want to see a slotted hole system that allows for more binding positioning built in to the deck.

Built in wire management would be an attractive feature too.


I thought about that as well for a while.
Maybe something like the Burton rail system just split in two halfs to allow the middle part of the deck to flex and the bindings mounted on a platform like snowboard bindings.
Like that you could choose many different angles in 9 degree steps.
With a bit a clever design this platform could be used as a tunnel riser for battery or phase wire routing as well.

Guess I really need to study how to design stuff in CAD…



Ill just leave this here and say you can make any shape you desire
even just to test for around $200. After you have this kit making molds
and decks gets cheaper. Cost to make MTB decks is under $100.00

Happy Creating!


I’m far from emtb knowledge/owning, but have long since thought I would hate being stuck to one stance.
The adjustability of a snowboards stance is quite immense. My knees feel it if my stance width/angle is off too much, most so if the back foot is too far duck footed.
I think a snowboard style 2x4 boltpattern with adjustable angle baseplate/footbed/strap mount would be easiest to pull off. Though a slotted system for mounts at ends of the straps would be slickest.


My front foot stays pretty locked down but if I could pivot my rear binding ± 15° or so, I’d be a happy camper.


What finish did you use?


Totalboat Epoxy resin.