DaughterBoard - Prototipo Deck | 12s5p 40T FrannyPack™ | MBS Oil slicks | Moon Drives | flipsky 6384 190kv | Metroboard 155s | Conflict-Free Unity | Hoyt/PPB

cross posting for some of the thanked that are here

This is my “second build” … I haven’t actually built it… more like part swapped my way to it.

Originally planned to build everything from scratch, including custom battery build. But I told myself I’d build my commuter board first, Yet I haven’t. but it’s still my first planned build and this is my second. but done first… as you do.

Thanks to!!!

  • @CiscoV for electronics assembly and drivetrain sourcing.
  • @moon for gear drives. and trouble shooting. and replacement bits.
  • @Venom121212 for custom moon drive spacers. oh and also for naming his board “circuit board” which gave me the idea for “daughterboard”
  • @Andrew for battery build. ( or so I’m told. )
  • Sender for “Senderizing”
  • akhlut for custom truck mounting plates.
  • My 14yo Daughter for the original illustration and coloring.
  • mmaner for art post processing.
  • @BillGordon for inspiring me with his great and welcoming attitude when I got started.
  • MBS for oil slicks that I like more than I thought I would.
  • isabar for metroboard 155s which I love for jettting about on short course racing.
  • James Wong for the vinyl wrap on the motors. which I now like but wouldn’t have bought myself.


Guilty. Franny told me he’d never sell it. :cry:

Gorgeous build! I am in the process of reviving my own Prototipo build, with all that free time I have.


can that ever be a true statement?


Literally what I said at the time but he swore up and down on some ancient scary god about it so I took him for his word.


Dopeness. Tell your daughter great job on the artwork!


You did good kid.

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Nicccce I like.

So it’s your daughters now I guess?

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Heh. well. she’s not interested in skating anymore.

My son shot a board out in a bowl right at her. the board took my daughter off her board and she fell flat on the ground. the board then went up the transition and rolled back and hit her in the collar bone breaking it. She was like 9… never wanted to skate again. :cry:

but if she’d skate with me. she can definitely have this board. :slight_smile:


Faaaak that was unlucky and must have been terrifying for a 9 yr old.

Maybe she’ll get a yin to skate her rad design, tell her the dad losers on the stupid skate forums love it!


Oh, that’s rough. Hope she can get past that at some point.