Enclosure making machine

Hard to maintain eye contact.
Looks like a great bit of tech, I only put it in water cooler because some people may be offended by titsmcgee.


Really leaning into the sex gets clicks plan.


I mean what else do you expect to use? Good products are gone by the wayside.


Wait. She has eyes???

Oof. There they are. Don’t mind me boyz…


Who left the door open? Smells like shit in here and just look at all the flys. Fuck

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Zombie thread, I know, but as someone who’s read up a bit on Sexy Cyborg aka Naomi Wu (the author of the video) it’s important to point out it goes deeper than “sex = money”. This is everyone’s first reaction (mine included), but that’s kinda the point of her (purposeful) appearance.

If you know nothing about her, she’s a huge DIY/maker personality and probably the most famous out of China. She’s a software and hardware developer. Recently, she’s worked directly with Creality (maker of the hugely popular Ender and CR-10 series 3D printers) on a number of issues & developments. She champions open source causes, advocates for women in STEM, and specifically tries to breakdown stereotypes of gender and objectification in tech. Not to mention she puts out some great youtube content. Way more than skin deep.


yeah and fuck this


Its a clear case of dont judge a book by her cover, her work getting Chinese Companies to adopt “Open Source” has to be applauded.

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