Eric’s busted workshop

Hey all, I figured I should throw one of these together even though my space has changed and looks like a tornado has blown through it. A lot of you know about my recent medical crap that went down, which caused my garage to become a rapidly filled storage facility.

I’m going to use this thread as more of a progress of me getting it back into working shape, and then eventually finish build my shit and get back to riding.

My shop is half of my garage since I “allow my wife” to park her Jeep in the other half ::flinches::

All of my wood working tools (almost all) are on rolling stands so if I need the space, I can pull the Jeep out and roll everything into place.

I built a work bench along the back wall and carpeted it, also installed some sweet LED lights above it. In the corner will eventually be my CNC once I can finish wiring it up. I built a press so i can eventually cut out/CNC and press my own decks…it will happen…eventually.

I feel like this whole post is just a bunch of “eventually” shit…I’m getting better and my leg is getting stronger so I’m hoping all of this is closer than it was a few months ago.


Damn, I just realized I must have a huge finger print on my camera lens…ima gonna retake and reupload some pics later


:heart_eyes: see @Saturn this is how its meant to look :ok_hand:


Lol, i knew you would love the status of my shop.

Its usually a lot cleaner, but there is always just a bit of chaos in there.


A bit messy lol. I don’t fancy having to organize that garage!


Yea man…it was alot worse a few weeks ago. I’m slowly chipping away at it.


Doing a bit of cleaning tonight, sorry @glyphiks

Cleaned of my cool workbench I built a few years ago, if anyone wants the plans I should still have them.

And I found dinner!

My next goal for tonight is to clean this off


You are forgiven because that workbench is sweet! I love folding designs like that. Super handy for storage or if you need to transport it :ok_hand:


Exactly! And I can make extra tops for it too. I have plans to make a router top for it soon.

Got a lot of the toolbox cleaned up today


You’re making some real progress! Looking clean.


I’m finding some random ass shit here as I go deeper.

I used to make box mod e-cigarettes back in the day out of TI power boost chips, found a work in progress one

I also built guitar pedals for a while…found my resistor box

And I found this under my mini anvil…


Oh shit and this little gem here!


Here my other little work bench, janky version of @Andrews. Didn’t attach a top so I just throw whatever is laying around up there to work. Did most of my CF work with this one, as you can tell by the pencil now permanently epoxied to the top


Been 3D printing some organizer drawers for all the little screws we all use. Proudness a spot and putting it together now! Gotta do a bit of clean up on the drawers so they slide better


And got my work bench cleaned up!


Getting the shop gutted and cleaned out the rest of the way this week.

I have decided to shift my focus for now and do some wood working. Maybe one day I’ll come back around and make decks, just don’t think it’s the best idea since I can’t even test them!

Started taking apart my old bandsaw to start restoring it. So far everything was great and it was cleaning up well…until I got to the blade guide

Luckily that’s the piece I was planning on upgrading to a full 10 bearing upper and lower guide.