Evan's room isnt on fire yet!?

Making this thread because I’m gonna have a few boards coming through the shop (my room)

I’m excited to post about it, so I’m making this thread.

I don’t know what to name it, so this will have to do :rofl:

Ugly Evolve budget restoration (arriving aug 26 2021)
Water damaged Kaly XL2.0
My personal 12s8p Kaly build!


Ok, the evolve arrived and things already aren’t going as planned. I originally was putting a makerx dv4 and a fs antispark in there but that isn’t gonna fit, so I’m giving him my unity.

Also, the gasket I 3d printed doesn’t line up with the holes, so I gotta figure out an alternative.


This is the one I use. Its a really good fit


yeah I dont know what file he sent me but it wasn’t this. I told him to get an eboosted enclosure and call it a day as he’ll have space for a small buck converter and his leds.


Omg this board haha

Does he live near you

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Yep, he’s even younger than me, so I offered to install everything for free. He’s wasted so much money buying shit and used parts I couldn’t bear to watch anymore :joy:


Water damaged kaly20 rolled in. The rust is extremely concerning but battery works fine. Unity is dead though


Ill probably be in the ESK8 news discord server tomorrow building this pack live!


Update on everything

Water damaged Kaly2.0

ok so basically this thing is toast. It’s the old ABS enclosure, so it needs one of Ernesto’s shiny new CF enclosures, new battery and a new esc. Battery PCB is rusty asf. Unity is kinda working but it’s not to be trusted because of the amount of water that got in, and I can’t even take the ESC/battery out of the old enclosure as an insane amount of hot glue and VHB holds everything in.

My DIY Kaly

This battery has been hell. After finding a functional layout, I’m having problems soldering the series connections. The solder basically refuses to stick. I have to rough up the nickel beyond belief, and heat it up for a long time before it finally sticks.

Like this connection wasn’t good enough and was pulled right off with some force.


hmm I would have like to see a vid clip of trying to solder it then pulling it off.

Maybe a solution if It was a big problem would be soldering the wire to nickel then welding that on.

I should have updated this. With help of people much smarter than me, we came to the conclusion that my iron was too hot and it was burning away all of the flux. An upgrade to a pinecil allowed me to keep my temperature in check and everything is rock solid

This is the most recent picture I have but I’ve fixed some of the balance leads.


I forgor about this workshop thread for a minute. Here’s what’s up.

Water damaged Kaly 2.0: Owner decided it wasn’t worth it, parted out the board and sold the stormcore back to me :man_shrugging: Oh well.

My kaly, which I have since named Dawn, works like a charm. It needs some major cosmetic work, including a nice skinning :eyes:
also thru hole bolts are ugly. needs some inserts.

The board is so much fun and is so damn comfortable. I’ve given it the nickname wobblemonster as you can’t comfortably go 30 on it. I haven’t gone above 28 on this board, and I’m totally happy with that. Battery also lasts forever (abt 50 miles even with my 200lb fat self) because of the high final drive ratio and the lowish battery current settings (35 per side)

(ignore the top speed, I did a burnout and it fucked it all up. Ride with @jack.luis last month)

Next on the agenda is my mountainboard. Since the conception of the idea for the kaly, I’ve wanted something that was RKP on a mtb deck. My first attempt last month was with BN270 on a trampa holypro, but unfortunately, the hangers weren’t wide enough for deck clearance with geardrives.

This setup was using 8" aliexpress tires on torqueboards hubs.

Video of me fucking around with this setup after I got my bindings

This was fun, and I liked how narrow the setup was, but geardrives were a must. I’m waiting for the next batch of lunas and moondrives as they’ll be available with a 6.5:1 gear ratio :eyes:

I knew I wanted to go HV with this build as I was itching to use a ubox so I could run an unreasonably high phase current, and I wanted to stick to higher KV to run the most efficient setup I could with mechanical gear reduction rather than electrical reduction through lower KV. I’ve now settled on this ratio with 190kv motors and 9" tires on mbs fivestars

I’m hoping to push 30 miles our of this 48 cell pack. Speaking of 48 cell pack, I’m almost done with it. I did most of the work a month or so back, and left it sitting as I got lazy and didn’t feel like installing my LLT bms yet.

Pack fits in a peli 1150.

Last thing I have is this 12s3p p42a I built for a loaded omakase. I cant find the final picture where I added some more insulation around that negative discharge and added some more tape to hold everything down, but this is about what it looked like.


i forgor again
i wanna get this thread cleaned up but im too lazy to do it now
im probably gonna forget about this again


do you have any pics of the omakase or was that just a pack for someone else’s build?

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It was just a pack unfortunately. havent heard from him since, so I assume everything’s gone well.

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This 12s3p Omakase pack is livin a-ok, nothing to add there

I have not touched this pack, lol. I’m waiting for the rest of the parts to arrive so I have the motivation to actually install the bms

This has gone through lots of changes. It’s no longer gonna be RKP, but it will be PKP since I wanna mostly ride it offroad. The 6.42:1 moon drives are actually happening, and I have my BN 6384 190kv motors in. Ive been looking at the reacher/radium motors, but im concerned about the open can design and potential dirt/mud.