Generic Off-Road Bro

2nd forray into the electric mountain boards. Started this one tail end of 2020, after my first one, a Trampa Biggest Beast box belt drive board got stolen.

I was inspired to build a 2nd one after I had demo’d my trampa one off to a few community members and they all started building their own, so I felt left out

Haero bro deck (stiff)
TB6 esc
Metr pro
Trampa 6376 160kv motors
MBS matrix 2
Trampa bindings
Trampa phat ladz(2 set)
Primo alpha and strikers
ATC v1 mounts
14/62 ratio
Custom enclosures for esc and batteries by r32tech
1 box 2 zippy 6s 6200mah
1 box 2 turnigy 14AH 6s

I eventually picked up some batch 3 moon drives

I eventually sold this board for a deal to a local homie so he could join the off-road gang we had going.


Apex Clone Bro

I started putting these parts together a week or 2 before CarvePDX. It was sorta impulse build. I tried the apex airs on the Flux and they were smooth like a flying nimbus. I couldn’t get real comfortable with them till after I bought more bushings to experiment with.

Fun FACT this thing caught on fire in my living room.

Deck: Haero Bro Stiff Deck with Apex Air Shockpads
Enclosure: Apex Enclosure ESC / Trampa monster box
Battery: 12s4p p42a
ESC: Stormcore 60d+
Trucks: Apex Air
Mounts: Boardnamics M1AT
Hubs: Trampa Phatladz / MBS rockstar2
Tires: Primo Alpha Lite/ MBS 9in
Remote: Hoyt Puck
Motors: Torqueboards 6380 190kv

currently I like white cone road side and a fat red cone deck side or green barrel. in krank formulas.

Just recently acquired a 12s6p p42a pack for more range, but It appears some cells in the pack got damaged during transit.


:exploding_head: oh man that sucks! What kind of case is that?