Generic Off-Road Bro

2nd forray into the electric mountain boards. Started this one tail end of 2020, after my first one, a Trampa Biggest Beast box belt drive board got stolen.

I was inspired to build a 2nd one after I had demo’d my trampa one off to a few community members and they all started building their own, so I felt left out

Haero bro deck (stiff)
TB6 esc
Metr pro
Trampa 6376 160kv motors
MBS matrix 2
Trampa bindings
Trampa phat ladz(2 set)
Primo alpha and strikers
ATC v1 mounts
14/62 ratio
Custom enclosures for esc and batteries by r32tech
1 box 2 zippy 6s 6200mah
1 box 2 turnigy 14AH 6s

I eventually picked up some batch 3 moon drives

I eventually sold this board for a deal to a local homie so he could join the off-road gang we had going.


Apex Clone Bro

I started putting these parts together a week or 2 before CarvePDX. It was sorta impulse build. I tried the apex airs on the Flux and they were smooth like a flying nimbus. I couldn’t get real comfortable with them till after I bought more bushings to experiment with.

Fun FACT this thing caught on fire in my living room.

Deck: Haero Bro Stiff Deck with Apex Air Shockpads
Enclosure: Apex Enclosure ESC / Trampa monster box
Battery: 12s4p p42a
ESC: Stormcore 60d+
Trucks: Apex Air
Mounts: Boardnamics M1AT
Hubs: Trampa Phatladz / MBS rockstar2
Tires: Primo Alpha Lite/ MBS 9in
Remote: Hoyt Puck
Motors: Torqueboards 6380 190kv

currently I like white cone road side and a fat red cone deck side or green barrel. in krank formulas.

Just recently acquired a 12s6p p42a pack for more range, but It appears some cells in the pack got damaged during transit.


:exploding_head: oh man that sucks! What kind of case is that?



4wd time, just gotta make a bunch of phase wire extension to clean up my wiring to tuck towards the deck.


You plan to run those charger in parallel? :sweat_smile:


If you say I can I will :fire:

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4wd cause why not. I blame the @apexboards for showing me they did one or 2



Sadge…ran into some weird issues.

At first I thought I was bricking stormcores left and right but it appears the issue is due to a bad new torqueboards motor :pensive:

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So the ESCs are okay? Would suck to lose controllers and motors.

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I sent the 60d+ back for inspection /warranty

The 60d I sent lacroix a email on it since I got it from Hoyt. It’s been the one I’ve been testing with all day. It seems fine, I visually looked at the fetts and mcu didn’t see any scoring. It’s powering up normally now with everything plugged in now.

I went thru connecting one motor at a time till I got errors. Early afternoon plugging in one sensor for the (bad motor) was causing my stormcore to bootloop and make weird noises.

I tried the detection. Wizard once it was all powering fine and that one side failed then the other size was throwing flux linkage failures.

So I went about just doing one motor at a time with manual detection till I did sensors and found the bad motor. Verified tinge problem followed the motor swapping to the other side.

So next thing is throw this 60d into something g that I know works to make sure it’s kosher.

So I’m guessing with how 5.3 works when you power it up is if it sees a fault it just restarts vs burning up? Something I’ve always wonder about is when I turned on my escs that have 5.3 you can audibly hear each motor chirp.

Edit: chalk 1 more lost motor to the torque board gods. Brand new motor new motor too. I’m like 9 and 1 bad motor so pretty good luck I guess


It lives.

Things to do
Test charging (was originally wired backwards cs everything I had)
Grease gears(noisy as fuck right now and hard to
Tell if something is loose)
Switch bushings
Look into phase wire management

First couple test loops at the work campus and it feels strong. Stops on a dime. 50amps for motor only.


I remember my first time braking on a 4WD…
It was, let’s say, a quick stop… my body didn’t agree with that sudden end of movement :joy:

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