Greetings from the frontier

I’ve recently found out, others in different parts of the BLDC world have been experimenting with digital means to alter (lower only) the Kv of an electric motor…

Not a throttle stop, not limiting current, not a throttle stop… and the PID loop still has full access to the entire motor Kv…

this had my tiny k00k brain thinking about altering VESC (yeah I know, fekk-off) FW to make a high Kv motor adjustable on the fly to create virtual automatic or manual transmission on an esk8…

I presently don’t know what specific vagina magic involved, I’m looking (muddling) thru the code, but I’m going to do some experiments on a racing kwad, and see if it’s applicable…

please discuss…

oh yeah hi… and I’m good hope ya’all are as well…


I’m off to fuck some spiders


Welcome back, dude. Lots of speculation on your whereabouts.


Interesting proposal. Will keep an eye on this.

Good to see you back on here, Le Kook!


You disappear for months on end and then come back with revelations of a golden land.

Is ayahuasca really that good!?

But seriously, esk8 transmission sounds amazing hopefully some good comes from your fukkery.

We missed you dude! Hope you will stick around!


Holy fuck it’s the man, the myth, the legend!! Hi how ya doin?


You mother fucker @kook. Welcome back you piece of shit. :kissing_heart:

My Mom says Hi.


I knew they couldn’t keep you down brother!




@Pedrodemio you know a fair bit about motors?

Also hey KooK! Long time no see! Word has it you trying to fly to the moon? Mars? URanus?


I’ve circled Uranus… no intelligent lifeforms there, and the scenery is not so appealing…

I originally got into Esk8s as a simple means of transporting me and my flying machines to and from local flying fields… then a HUGE year-long detour… now i’m back on track a k00k with his ESK8s and flying machines… I still ESK8 daily… too many boards, not enuff feets…

RC DLG gliders and kwads… I’ll stop in now and again, i honestly don’t miss the drama and all the piece of shit vendors in the ESK8 industry, but i luvs all of you fucks like a red-headed step-children…

the last few months have been an adventure, i’ve discovered new means and materials to fabricate composite raceboards if i ever feel the desire… and have learned a bunch constructing composite airfoils and fuselages…

there’s an entire world out there ready to discover…

now back to fucking spiders


You make me want to go fly my RC helis and planes.


so… as you’d expect… there is NO free lunch… it appears that THEY are digitally lowering the Kv by limiting the voltage to the motors… i should have expected as much, it’s the “V” in the Kv constant, duh…

so digitally making, for example, a 210 Kv motor into a 90 Kv motor adds a bunch of inefficiencies and heat… depending on your usage that may be acceptable but for me… it’s not…

sorry to waste all ya’alls time and brain cells on an errand of f00ls… so my thoughts of a digital transmission are pitched back into the waste basket…

I’ll report back on any other k00ky thoughts that bounce around my tiny brain as they occur…


go fly your shit… it’s my true passion and my bliss, maybe i should make myself a DIY jet or heli… hmmmmmmmmmmm


I hear that. Fucking embarrassing.


Good to see you are back.
Just gonna leave this here


I had to do a double take -Dude is wearing clothes, which is a dead giveaway that it’s NOT @k00k


Um… wow… I feel assaulted…


In motors I can say kind off yeah, but on the control part I for sure leave if for Benjamin or Jeff lol

You would need to increase the flux going through the motor to reduce the Kv, and since the flux is a function of a bunch of things (all the stator and rotor geometry and materials) but not a function of anything to do with the windings, I don’t see how

What would be cool to have in the future is a permanent magnet reluctance motor like Tesla use for the “lower power” motors, where you can have different performance characteristics depending how you drive the motor, you can make it behave either a permanent magnet motor or a reluctance for different efficiencies at different operating points

But this is way way and way out of my league

This video does a good overview of how it works, and as most things they do, is kind off a genius way of doing it


Thank you, brother…

before the epiphany hit me… I have visions of varying waveforms… interrupted pulses… revectoring of the force… multiple windings of the stator???..

vagina magik

once i did the math, or is it fhysiks… the only way to do it was by making an efficient motor… inefficient… perhaps in racing for short term bursts it may have an application where the inefficiencies are not a negative…

but alas heat and inefficiency… i guess i’ll look at wave-form and planetary transmissions and try and make them applicable///