Hub motor sleeve options

I’ve been looking at all the different types of wheels available and was wondering why is there such limited options when it comes to hub motors?

Maybe I’m missing something, but surely there is a way for hub motors to have better options for different types of sleeves.

what would stop you for instance boreing out some cloud wheels so they fit a hub motor?

I know hub motors are not mad all the same, however if the casing of the motors were standardised maybe it could give more options.

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It’s been tried. A guy made sleeves that go over hub motors, but it looked janky to me.

This kind of thing has also been tried. You end up relying on glue. Not something I would trust. You can fit Cloudwheels on Riot kit, though. But they’ll impact your range quite a bit.

I’ve been tempted to get this kit for 105mm Clouds. I already ride the 120mm on another board.

I thought it would of been tried.

Would the chanels that are used to screw the hub caps on help to keep the wheel in place?

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Maybe, if you replicated the shape properly. But no way I would trust that at speed.

i have a set barely used (3 rides, 50km max) if u want them. 105D black colour


One more week and I will introduce the sleeve 9000… Adaptable to any hub motor. Low price point, low expectations, high performance.

I have ordered some of the backfire g3 wheels just to see how they go with the x1pro, I know there is a chance of catching the wheel with sharp turns but I’m not confident enough for full on carving yet.

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Hi, what will the sleeves be like?

Complete awesomeness wrapped around a hub motor to make you go zoom zoom. You will see. I’m almost done with a set.

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Oh my. We might need to talk.

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Backfire G3 wheels arrived today, already installed. Took it for a quick blast after work around the car park and down the road seems like there is a lot more free rolling after you let go of the throttle, which I kind of expected, tried a few sharp turns and they didn’t seem to catch which is good but will have to investigate a little further later on once the boys are in bed. Could also definitely feel a smother ride for sure.

Fingers crossed so far so good.

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I have also been speaking to a manufacturing company that we do businesses with and discussed the possibility of making some custom sleeves and will set the wheels in motion on this so to speak.

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Any update yet?


Still working on them. I have them on I hope to make a video this weekend.

How are the wheels going?

Round and round. What size are your hubs?

I have an exway x1 pro not sure of the size of the hub motors.