Lightest build you know?

I figured I would make this thread to try and get conversation going about how to make an ultra light e-mtb. As I move forward into more and more builds, this feature really stands out to me in a mountain board.

Jump Away friends!


5045 Motors

BN Belt Drive

Plastic Wheel Gears

6in Tires

10s1p Lipo


Trampa Short Deck

Matrix 2’s

Rockstar 2 Hubs


You can save up quite some weight with the right setup, but first of all there need to be clear what you are ready to sacrifice.
If you are up for a skatepark board you safe a lot of weight just going with a 12s1p 5Ah lipo pack for example.
I‘m at 11.3kg on one of my boards and aiming for 10.x kg hopefully soon.
That’s without battery thou.
My 12s1p 5Ah lipo pack adds up another 1.8kg. My 12s7p Vtc5a would add 4.5kg.


For jump-board purposes, does relocating the battery/esc’s to a backpack make the board more nimble/easier to jump? Or does it not matter since the total weight of board+rider is the same?


How heavy are the current mountainboard decks?


2.2 kg midflex Haero


Nice thanks. Trampa decks are a bit heavier…

Hubs - pair without bolts

Fivestar - 140g
Rockstar - 148g
Superstar - 153g


Dammit moon beat me to it on the weights.

The markone deck is super light, I can’t find a weight written down anywhere but it’s thin and narrow without being too flexy.

Takes a beating too.

It’s my current jumper deck but I’d love to pick up another deck to try out.

The wheel pulleys are heavy alu too, pom would be just fine and would have saved me some weight. Using 20mm belts so wider pulleys too.


how heavy were the pulleys?


No clue, got them in a set with crossbars and such so I clearly wasn’t considering weight at the time :sweat_smile:


No need to worry about the weight if you pin it and go full send. #ballsdrop

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You could do so and it’s definitely easier to jump with the weight on the back then the weight on the deck, but I crash so often I wouldn’t want to have a battery pack strapped on the back.

What I would like to try at one point is dual diagonal drive to balance out the board and not having 2-2.5kg more weight on the back truck them on the front truck.

If it just wouldn’t look so odd…


Is that the light white? You must have some super lightweight stuff on there


Ja ja… I also do not know how I managed to get so low in weight :face_with_monocle:


I saw a company that makes trucks for this but I’m not sure what it was… :cry::grimacing:

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Trucks with included (built in) diagonal mounts.

Fuck… topping out at exactly 11kg after the deck swap…
The Ali tires seem to be round about 100g more heavy then the trampa striker I had on before, so I could come down to 10.6kg probably.
Still think about getting some 6355 motors just for fun and some more weight savings, but worry a bit that they will not produce enough torque in the end…

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I’ve got a pair of 6555 190kv just hanging out in my closet.

I guess I shall get a scale…

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