Lights Control VESC Compatible

What I’m after is a controller with

  • Front and rear running lights 12V 3-5A
  • Active brake light 12V 1A
  • Controlled thro any remote

My idea is that the brake light is always on and the running lights are activated by a short combination on the boards remote such as brake going from -10% to -90% 5 times with in 2 seconds.

I’m presuming I need 2 analog channels from a arduino type board
1st to activate a relay for a front lights
2nd to activate rear running light at 50% and the brake light at 100%

Iv seen there is some liberys in arduino but the simple boards are offering a lot more channels and features that I would need. Thay also seem to require using UART with is already wanted by Metr and Remotes. I’d prefer if there was a way to drop it on the CAN BUS

Am I going down the right rout of thinking hear? Or should I be looking else we’re before I cary on diving in to arduino for the first time?

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TTL system


yep, love it and I should throw it on my current test board…

  • Large
  • to manny extra features
  • Only takes pixle tape
  • Operated thro a app
  • Uses UATR

Had a chat hit him 2 years ago about a LTT Lite system but that had no brake function

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it does now i believe, but yeah it’s huge, wait on the freesk8 light module :smile:


This. Sounds like some pretty trick ideas are being kicked around.


Will that not be huge as well with all the need for speed under lights?


no, Andrew found such a small module, it’s like smaller than the flexibms size wise. it’s insanity and can give 80W or something ridiculous. i can’t find the thread right this sec :man_facepalming: