🤐 Messaging Encryption

During last night’s upgrade we enabled Discourse Encrypt which satisfies this PFR. I’ll take the action to write up a tutorial on how to enable and use this feature in the coming days. but know that it is not enabled by default and you must take specfic action to turn the feature on in your account preferences.

Account > Preferences > Enable Encrypted Messages

Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 09.01.46 AM


@Wandagoner I noticed yesterday on .news while chatting with @Venom121212 that images weren’t showing up. For me, it came out as blank messages and for him, it came out as a download link that didn’t yield an image.
Is this a known issue?


forgive me for restating what is probably obvious to you but i want to ensure i completely understand the issue:

in a PM, with encryption enabled on both sides, neither were able to view an embedded image but rather a URL is that correct?

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For me, there was just nothing


i understand now, thanks. i seem to recall this being a byproduct of the encryption. i will do some testing here and include the findings in my write up on how to enable and the nuances of the plugin.

my guess is that since this is end to end or device to device encryption (vs account to account) and images are basically links to a different repository where the image is stored, that images themselves are not actually encrypted but the link is encrypted and breaks the link.


Is it an experience like pgp key gen for dark net drug market? :heart_eyes:

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