Poast Oven!

This is a thread for all things Poast-made

mods, boxes, updates!
i can also do commissions, DM me and we can work sometin out :kissing_heart:



first things first!

update to catboxes:

Since I lost everything, i thought i’d start from scratch (lol) again and here are the plans

make a series of 4 catboxes (in order of demand/personal motivation):

uwubox (ubox)
catboX (makerx dv6)
catcore (stormcore)
ukitty (unity)

it is of quick note that i will be designing these without a heatsink in mind, but if you’d like one made to fit a heatsink, i may be able to customize the files to fit your needs

each should be able to support a receiver, robo logger, button, and gos unit, and maybe a tracker (airtag/tile) (maybe).

that’s probably all for now in terms of boxes!


up next: remotes

The poastmote 2poast2mote for pucc will likely stay as is, no further updates

i may pursue updating the backpacks to be more polished, but rn, focus is aimed at 2 remotes:

the VX4
and OSRR (once the new model is released)

that’s probably all for now concerning remotes!


The mini remote could use more love, especially in the printable cases space.


Have you seen the The Avio Mini Remote Mod?

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Yeah but it seems a tad bulky and I’d like a thumb wheel w/ nub.

There are a couple ideas on thingiverse but the designs all look pretty same-y. Idk how to design shells that for like those though or else I’d be all up in that.


this one is pretty darn good in the hands, dunno if i xan make something better ngl
i’m fairly limited in my skills arm


I saw that one, ordered the usb charger board and 1s battery indicator for it.

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Yeah that one is great, i like it very much