Poast’s teeny weeny willy

i guess before i get too far, time to make a build log!

this is to determine if size is everything :smirk:

So i have my big bois, the 4wd all rounder and 2wd zoom zoom, but i’ve been craving a bice light small board i can use to cruise and whip around on trips or whatever

never really got around to it until someone was asking what kinda deck they shouls get for their next build, then i saw it
the perfect board for me

the loaded ballona

at 27” with a max 16” wheelbase, and 9” wide, it’s short, versatile, simple, light, and comfortable just like my cock :face_with_peeking_eye:

so far, the criteria for this board is gonna be:

  • focus on being light
  • remember not to make it unreasonably powerful

ez pz right? right

Parts List so far:

  • Loaded Ballona
  • Orange Cags/Boosted 105s maybe later
  • Caliber iii trucks
  • Stormcore ___
  • poastmote pucc
  • hoyt drivetrain & PR motors

First thing is first, figure out what the specs are

the two main contenders for this spot are belt and gear drives.

  • great freeroll
  • more efficient
  • amazing sound


  • lighter
  • simpler
  • more flexibility

now, as much as love gds, especially straight cuts for the sound, the main drawback is that i would need specific trucks. I’m not too big a fan of the current selection so there’s that…
but also, gds are much heavier and more expensive than belts, so that’s why i went with belts.

now, not many are doing belt drives for small builds similar to pre-2019, so there’s not many choices i could go with. TB kunda sucks, BN wasn’t my aesthetic choice, and many others are no longer in production/are impossible to find. sooooo that leaves with Hoyt’s belt drives

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Update 2: hanger modding

i wanna use Boosted 105s
only problem is they don’t have through hole legel thingy doots like standard orangatang cores, so my only option is press fit pulleys

main issue this poses, the caliber iii trucks I got have axles that are too short

so out to the ancient forums we go!

found a video of LHB cutting the hanger to expise more of the hanger, so i got some tools and bam

20 minutes later i had a modified hanger that’ll fit the pulley. only time’ll tell how this pans out :crazy_face:

i measured and cut off 12mm, same width as bearing +spacer so the wheel width is same on both trucks

Update 3: the tail puck!

Update 4:

Update 5:

Update 6:

Update 7:

Update 8:

FWD belts :+1:
Why motors forward tho? Do they hit the enclosure if rear mounted? (on front truck)

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i’ll nake that upoast in a lil bit :kissing_heart:


I’m excited for this build! Especially the front wheel drive aspect. I went with rwd on my shortboard because I wanted to practice long manuals like @okp, but I’m intrigued by the idea of lifting up the front to avoid damaging it / not having the rear of the board shoot out from under your feet when accelerating :smile: