Pottsys Piss-ant Place

My workshops had a bit of an evolution lately it just started out as my small office with computer desk and some printers but with some shelving it was transformed. Currently it’s only got one project from a local rider on it at the moment as all of my current projects are either working or not planned out further

Equipment consists mostly of :

Creality CR10
Modified wanhao i3 for flex filament and abs
Cheapo multimeter
Ultrasonic cleaner using HFE
Generic discharge tester.

Most recent finished work was the above battery

And just about to rebuild a 12s10p
Battery for a local due to some previous… sub par quality work being performed


Small is good. Easier to keep clean, less room for clutter.


I like it! Everything is nice and reachable!


Printed a custom tpu/petg gland for this board for a local, will test it out with the hose on the box in the coming days, slightly undersize with a slit in it once it’s screwed into the nut it brings it all in nice and tight