Puck my Knucks

Here is my initial puck redesign. I didn’t love the feel of the puck in my hand when I tried it out and throught a finger grip would be nice and safe.

It (hopefully) saves your fingers in a crash from scraping the ground.

I’m considering making the holes on the front cover covered just so your fingers can’t go all the way through but need to test a model and see where my fingers end up. If anyone can send me some photos of their hand holding their normal puck, it’d be much appreciated.

My idea will take this one step further and utilize a round slide puck (which I will model for printing) that can velcro over the front puck face while still allowing you to use the buttons and see LED status.

Hoping to add a picatinny flashlight mount to the bottom but I’ve been drinking so be patient.


I don’t think i have any photos, but my pinky usually rests underneath the puck.

There’s also that ‘show your pucking positions’ thread or whatever it is over on ESN


I wonder how people usually react on an unexpected fall. Either they would hold strong to the puck, or point the finger straight forward.
In case of straight forwards, wouldn’t the puck than turn 90 degrees and at the moment of impact hit hard the ground and bend the fingers?


Yep, i would be the latter. I can imsgine that would hurt. Nice observation


Good point. Personally, I feel that I do open my fingers more but still slide on the remote. The maytech split trigger remote has been very solid in that regard.

I’m going for a whole slide puck so your fingers shouldn’t be able to make contact with the ground at all. From the photos I’ve seen, that knuckled part wouldn’t sit around your proximal knuckles but rather the distal ones so opening your fingers should only be a few degrees of rotation.

I will add some lofted cuts to where you insert your fingers so that you don’t get your fingers caught if you do fall with open hand.


Shit looking through that pucking position thread I’m way off :joy:


I’m starting to think they made the puck too small for the average hand. That doesn’t look like a comfortable grip.

Freaking gargoyle handing it in 90% of the photos


I agree. Even PPB seems like it would be better if it were larger. I don’t have anything to counterbrace the remote. Not sure if that makes sense.

Makes perfect sense. That’s what everyone is mimicking with their pinkys on the current grips. How do you hold the PPB? Pinky down?

Mostly like this. I think I hold it like this to create a smaller pocket to pin it in my hand.


Yeah my grip is like that too


dang. some big hands out there…

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