Puck, Puck, Bruce!

Testmodels: Puck vs Bruce

I prefer the Bruce over the puck, the position feels a little more natural. I still prefer trigger remote though since it feels the most natural and less strain on my hand, but thats probably since I am used to that style of remote.

After fiddling a bit I feel this position is most comfortable :arrow_down:. Only feedback I have is that some curves could be flattened a bit and maybe a shallow cutout for the pinky, not sure there is enough space for that though. I also think the REV1 would fit my hand a little better since its a tad smaller.

Thanks for letting us test the model, looking forward to see more :love_you_gesture:


Thanks so much for the feedback!

Could you elaborate on this a bit more? Do you mean that the red curve should cut in more or less?

I’ve been pondering this as well, I think you and I grip the Bruce the same way. It’s a little tricky because the charging port is on the bottom and needs some clearance for the port feature.

I think I’ll tweak with the scaling on the model for the next revision. I think maybe a 5-10% reduction might land it in the sweet spot.


I mean the remote can follow the red curve so the transition will be smoother.

Looking forward to try the smaller model in the future :love_you_gesture:


Thanks for the clarification!

Rather than change the entire curvature and lose space there (battery protrudes a bit into that spot), I was planning on adding an indentation for the middle finger, like so:

I could do the same for the other fingers potentially (marked red)


I’ll get a new test primitive model uploaded here shortly, but it looks like we’ve got a good scaling at 90% of the REV2. Given the placement of the internals this scale actually seems to work out really well, so we might be able to nail a happy medium here and get away with one size.


Sorry I’ll upload pics later.

At grocery store. It’s much more comfortable than the puck.

Ungloved: works in both positions. Middle finger resting at top and the split peace sign position too

Gloved (both fingered and fingerless): middle finger resting at top works best.

I found that no matter what, my pink is always in an awkward grip position but I’m alright with it since it’s still significantly better than the normal puck

First few layers on the print was bad. I walked out for a few seconds and half my cats ass was on the print bed


Yeah this is a problem I have on the puck itself too, I end up tucking my pinky finger underneath the flat/charge surface of it. I might try to place an indent there so there’s at least some ledge to rest on.

Next test primitive incoming shortly, minor size reduction + added middle finger divot as well as the cutaway for the throttle wheel.

^ Same deal here, flip 180 & print at 15% infill as this is just for testing grip/fit.


I do have a question though and it’s regarding the most annoying thing about the original puck.

Where are you planning to place the wrist strap?


I know exactly what you’re talking about, and fully agreed. I intended on moving it over to the bottom/side so it’s out of the way.

Purple is about where the charge port will be, green is where I planned on trying out the wrist strap anchor.


Where can I make donations? Patreon is set up and everything? I support everything you do holy shit


This is REV1 in my hand. Way too small for me.

Plus the thumbwheel is way too far back

GF says its just about perfect, but it looks like the wheel would be too far back for her thumb too.

Im throwing REV3 on to print now.

R.E. the wrist strap, i actually love where it’s at on the puck. Its actually part of how I grip it.

I tuck it between my middle and ring finger, and it helps me anchor the puck in my hand. @Andrew i encourage you to consider the lanyard placement to be a feature that will give your ring/pinky fingers a place to rest/include it in your grip.


I think this is pretty solid input man, appreciated! I’ll see what I can do. I’ve got about 90 minutes left on this REV3 test print so I’m gonna go skate.

@Benjamin are you testing the grip with a gloved hand as well? I use Flatland3d gloves which have the palm guards, so even the REV1 is designed with that in mind. With a padded glove on the remote ends up getting pushed forward more than what is shown in these pictures.

With all that said- I agree, rev1 was too small for me too but a lot of it was me figuring out interior features to mount the Puck internals.


Yep I have been testing each REV with my Flatland gloves as well. They dont really affect my grip on the models much at all.


Just had Liam and his little brother (who is bigger than Liam, believe it or not) test out REVs 1 and 2. They both said that REV2 is more comfortable, but also both mentioned narrowing the Bruce Protrusion a bit so that 2 finger grip (index and middle on either side of the protrusion) would be more comfortable, while still keeping the three fingered grip possible. They both also mentioned the thumb wheel being a little too far back.


REV3 in my hand. Feels really good. Not too large, not too small. The dimple on the protrusion makes the 3 fingered grip more comfy.

The 2 fingered grip is still a little too spread out for my liking. I think i would get a little fatigued after a while.

GF approves as well. She says its just on the edge of “too big”, but still comfortable.


That’s how I live my life.


Oh yea. Rev 3 is the tits. I still think the top part can be a little narrower. Like have it curve inwards more but still keep the top part about the same width. I’d be a million times happy if this was the end product already

Let’s call it: Claw grip

And Middle finger


Agree 100%


Could you guys elaborate a bit more of what you mean? Dont entirely follow. The ‘top part’ has a few dimensions that could be made more narrow, so you’ll need to specify! Thanks