Share your DIY HEROES


So today I found my new DIY new hero(ine)!:blush:
Who is yours? Do you have two?
Let’s share!


Why X is my DIY hero
Examples of work
How X has inspired my work

You are all my heroes, and the cool shit you make is already here, so I don’t think we need to link it in this thread :wink:


melonenkacke custom performance longboards


melonenkacke is my new DIY heroine because she makes crazy light, technical composite decks (looks like at home) with an awesome range of materials, shapes and ideas and has great videos of the build processes

Images on her instagram

YouTube build videos!

Hasn’t inspired my DIY yet, but I have recently been getting really interested in building composite decks, and probably starting with an LDP deck - so this is definitely resonating with me at the moment.

My new DIY HERO👌


Love this topic bro :ok_hand:

In no particular order…


Cedric was a massive influence to me when I first started out with DIY cos the man can fucking ride! His youtube/insta content has gotten so much better over the last couple of years and he just comes across as a genuine dude with solid DIY & riding skills

Sender -

A man that really needs no introduction. Watching Tim’s work progress over the last couple of years has been incredible. Massive inspiration for me to strive to make shit look good.

JENSO!!! -

Do I even need to say anything here?

Russ -

I don’t even know his last name. I know him only as Russ.
Russ in an incredibly skilled board manufacturer, he is the boardsmith for Slick Revolution and more recently he has embarked on a journey with Bioboards to produce their new decks and enclosures.
Russ found me on instagram and pretty much took me under his wing on my mission to learn and create enclosures with fibreglass.
He has been an amazing mentor, and I am ever thankful to him for always taking the time to explain things to me and help me with any issue or hypothetical I have presented.
If I had to choose my one DIY Hero, it would most certainly be Russ. The man is a fucking legend.

@Lee_Wright -

Need I say any more? Lee is a fucking asset to the DIY community and makes without a doubt the best DIY esk8 content on youtube. Much love brother.

@bigben -

I know, I’m sprucing all the celebrities, but fuckit, they deserve it right?
Ben makes beautiful enclosures and has been both an inspiration and a mentor on my journey as well. Much appreciated bro :ok_hand:

@Linny -

An inspiration in more ways than one. Linny is a craftsman and takes great pride in his work. He is also a super nice and helpful dude. I have mad respect for anybody who takes as much care and pride in their work as what this man does :ok_hand:

Dr Mike -

Arzamenable, annonable, whatever you want to call him, Mike is not here to fuck spiders. I love his utilitarian attitude to getting shit done and making it go fucking fast. Love this man.

That’s all I’ve got for now but I’m sure that more will come to me!


how can you not love melon poop?


Thanks Al, that means a lot to me bud.

I’m just sharing the love, my real passion is teaching people, I’ve found I have a way of explaining things that allows people to understand something easier so I like to exercise that on YouTube by combining my passion for teaching and esk8 together. I’m glad you have found my ramblings entertaining mate. I’ve also found help and guidance from you in the past and that’s what it is all about, just helping each other out and pushing the hobby.

My DIY hero is Jenso, what a fucking mad bastard and all round legend. I had the pleasure of meeting him in Belgium this year which was epic and I’ve had the pleasure of working with him which is ace.

I’m developing a semi-on for our new overlord @Andrew too. I think freesk8 has legs and I really like the OS aproach to this. You are not in hero status yet though so try harder mate. :eyes: :rofl:



Fuck off Lee :joy:

I will come back to this topic to expand, but I need to give mention to Ernesto Clark, Alex/Arch, & also Jenso.

Ernesto’s early carver builds were what got me interested in really digging into building bigger machines. My first Carver & eMTB builds were on Kaly & E-Toxx gear drives respectively. I’ve learned a lot from all of those guys. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


What’s wrong, overlord?


I love it that you hate that. Good man.


Right off thr hand, Lee sort of and purely me and my trainer…(don’t get it as narcisstic), because I can learn very fast and adapt it quickly.


Deadly quiet here, but fuck it, I’m gonna post this anyway.

The best projects are the ones that still come to fruition despite great challenges and setbacks.
#4motors1truck :facepunch: FUCK YEAH


The doc is definitely up there for me to!! I would say the the beer man himself @glyphiks, @ducktaperules and Jenso are also up there for me.
No disrespect to anybody else, but @Linny is my diy hero. Absolute master craftsman.


Have you seen the rings that @Linny makes? Master craftsman indeed :ok_hand:

Honoured to be mentioned :pray::pray::pray:


Thank you @Savage1 and @glyphiks!

Am honored to be mentioned as well! :face_holding_back_tears:


Yes, I actually have been considering one.
I lost mine years ago because I hated wearing it, but I think one like his might feel better.