The Ask Anything Thread

What works with what? How do I fix this? What does it mean when my board makes this noise? Who makes the best whatzit? Where can I find the product I need?

No matter your question, you’ve come to the right thread.

Ask away.


For temporary or proof of concept use, sort of a step above bench testing where it’s going out for a skate but still very much for test purposes, do you folks use Velcro or double sided tape or what’s the procedure for keeping things safe and in place but temporary?

I’ve also got an enclosure that’s exactly the right width for my battery so it’s nice and snug, aboht 20-30% longer than I need, and potentially a bit too slim. I think it’s made for single stack 18650 packs, and I’ve got single stack but with a fairly big bestech BMS mounted on top. Just add rubber D sealing stuff, or print out a big gromet, or sheet rubber?

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I use hot glue for temp hold, but a smaller amount than I’d usually employ.

In this case, I would use rubber seal but not the D type. I really like the way this form of seal (in right of picture) cushes down and flattens out a bit:


I can’t seem to tell the difference between the TP4056 and TC4056A usb chargers, can anyone provide some insight or just tell me which one I should pick? They cost the same, seems like they do the same things and both are available at my local nerd shop.

Do you have links or pics of the specific modules? I’m not expert but the ICs seem to be interchangeable (see vendor listing below) and I can’t find any obvious differences in the datasheets. The only thing I can find is that some boards implement safety stuff like temp control as options vs unavailable, so maybe the ICs are functionally the same but the modules you’re looking at are a bit different


Thanks, for a remote I think I’ll just go with the TC4056A for the simple fact it’s datasheet seems more… Well more. More datasheet is always better.

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Oh cool didn’t realise you were integrating it to a circuit I thought you were just buying a precooked charger. Yeah that 18 page thing is nicer than I was expecting for a commodity/clone part. Are you lithium-ifying an RC remote or working on your own new design or what?


Sort of my own design but lots of design portions are ripped off from RC remotes. I’ll post something about it once it’s in a more realized state.

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