The Holy Honker - Clip on electronic horn

Howdy folks
After esk8ing in NYC for a fat minute, I almost immediately realized that I need a horn. Not a single person pays attention here and I’m tired of assuming that people dont see me, so I’m going to make sure they can hear me.

This project is inspired by a fellow rider here in the NYC area who hooked up two electric motorcycle horns to a 12v battery with a wirelessly actuated relay (that’s his description). I’m hoping to make a device similar to this JBL speaker that tells pedestrians to get the fuck out of my way :rofl:

Pretty much every portable horn on the market sounds like a toy. This thing actually sounds like a car which will hopefully snap people back into paying attention. I’ve tried portable electric horns and the pitch makes it sound like a toy and yields almost no reaction from anyone.

The goal:
Make a small and <$50 rechargable device that is rugged enough to withstand some abuse clipped onto my backpack and be deafeningly loud. I’d like it to either be actuated by a small button attached to my remote or by my free hand. I’m not gonna be laying on the horn for a minute straight, so high continuous current is not a goal. I have no clue how much current these horns can draw either.

Parts and plans:
I plan on 3d printing the entire shell. It’s gonna take some magic since i’m shit at CAD, but its a fun learning experience anyways.



I havent even thought about how to actuate the damn thing. I gotta figure out how much current this horn is gonna pull first :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats about all I have planned now. The lipo and horns just arrived and i’m gonna start working on it next week.

I have an old maytech antispark with a latching switch. I may put a momentary switch on it and voila, the perfect horn :rofl:


Just throw a 9v battery on it and see what happens.

Then glue it all to your remote it’ll be fine

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lol the horns are like half the size of the puck. These actually say they draw 18w (1.5amps) each, so its gonna need the lipo


disposable tho, seems wasteful

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fair enough lol

its a hand pump version, there is nothing to throw away unless u break it

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welp thats what I get for not looking closely


I love this! I did a similar project but it definitely needs some updating. I used a “remote relay switch” from amazon, made a small battery out of 18650s, and then I taped that to my board. Lastly, I taped the relay’s remote onto my skateboard remote where it is easy to press and I was off to scare some pedestrians haha.
I am excited to see how this goes!

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freesk8 not letting me upload video :frowning:

It works, kinda? I dont know whats going wrong here, but it seems to work fine in short bursts, which is what im looking for? idk, i gotta find a solution for this

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horn works 100%. just had to turn the pitch down, which is weird. Went for a ride, and I laid on the horn MULTIPLE times and used it a bit too much just to test battery life. 3s lipo went from 12.64v to 12.44v after that entire ride. I’d call that a success and good battery life :slight_smile: