Titanium VS ? Material for Esk8

Hey all, I’m starting this thread out of frustration… I’ve recently seen newcomers asking about titanium for Eska8. As a mechanical engineer, tool & die maker, and cnc machinist for 27 years designing and building machines, I’m here, and willing to offer my knowledge, and advice on this subject, along with other material concerns.
Cheers, Phil


For most of our application isn’t it not as practical for what characteristics titanium has.

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Would you say that in general, you don’t see the need for titanium in esk8? I know you work a lot with high-grade aluminum and I assume a good amount of steel.

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titanium is 100% not needed in any part of an esk8, the only “advantage” that it can yield is that, it looks better on some build, that’s all.

using titanium to save few grams on an esk8 is useless when it cost few times more than for just a few compare to pack of 50 of regular 12.9

if u r rich enough to use titanium on ur build, don’t use grade 2, choose grade 5 or Ti 6Al-4V (aka 6-4), if they don’t state Ti 6Al-4V or Gr5, then its Gr2. Also don’t even think about Grade 9, u absolutely don’t need that, also u don’t have enough money for it