Using TCP bridge with FreeSK8 app

TCP bridge seems to be a nice feature to use the desktop VESC tool without to open up the enclosure and connect to the esc via USB cable.
With this said, I kinda don’t get what I need to set in the VESC tool to get a proper connection.
Could somebody help me out and explain what I need to set in the TCP bridge tap in the VESC tool before hitting the connect button?

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We’ll get you the answer, but might take a bit. Happy Holidays, Andy!

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Nu rush!
It’s more a „would be nice to know next time I need it“ question
and I thought, maybe it’s not only me who can’t make it work.

Happy holidays to you too Bill!

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so once you turn your board on, connect it to the app on your ohone, and in the menu there’s an “activate TCP/IP bridge” or something along those lines

then it’ll gove you an ip and port number

on the vesc tool, you go to the “connection” tab and if you go to “TCP” you should be able to input the ip address and to the right of that, input the port number. than click the connect button just to the right, and you should be good!