Vendor Spec Reccomendations Discussion

I’ve always thought that as a community, we should try to come up with a consensus spec about the exact products we’re looking for, and somehow get that info into the manufacturer’s hands.

Too often, we see product arrows that are technically on the target, but too far off the scoring rings to get us excited.

Maybe this is naive, but I think it’s worth a shot. I’m thinking of this as a single post wiki that anyone can add to or subtract from.



It seems really broad and difficult to manage


Thought you and Bill were past this stage already?
Relax, take some deep breaths, it’ll be ok…


Is this more like ‘community based design dreams’?

The infinitysink thread and product seemed to follow this path somewhat and had a reasonable amount of involvement from the community.

Is it and idea to target design criteria for certain components? Who is the collected info for and what’s the point of this? Will ‘they’ listen?


That might have been when I was away from the forum. I’ll check it out.

Basically, it’s a set of collectively agreed-to guidelines like, for example, motors on how they should be:

  1. Battle hardened
  2. A certain type of phase wire and length
  3. What the sensor pinout should ideally be
  4. What type of can design

Manufacturers get some of these right, but rarely all of them.

The info would be offered to any manufacturer in that market segment. If they don’t listen, we’re no worse off.

  1. Accessible bearings like what Radium is doing with their new motors, and/or some kind of manual on how to service all bearings. At least then, one wouldn’t have to go in blind.