Vote for good parts in brand

As for a new, IN the e-sk8board squad. I really want to pick the good parts which are recognized in common. There are a few questions up my mind, please advise if you have your own thought.
Which battery supposes to be the best in comprehensive condition (smooth, roughly, off-road)?

2: ESC.
Which ESC has the most intelligent management?

  1. wheel.
    Which wheel takes the number one trophy in durability? (I mean brand)

  2. motor.
    Let’s rate the motor in reliability, which brand motor will be the best?

100%appreciate. If you join my topic, Really want to know more about DIY sk8

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Welcome! First and sadly, things which are „the best“ at the moment, can be shitty by next week. Unfortunately we have seen this too often in the past. Especially with stuff coming from china.
With this said, I need to go into the next point you will not like, but it’s very hard to define, „the“ best.
It’s always just the best that could fit your needs.
Different boards, terrain and for many their budget are factors which play a big roll.
For batteries LiIon wise at the moment, p42a cells seem to be the top performer for a decent price.
Keep in mind, a battery build with quality cells is just a good performer if the pack is well put together.
For short range/jump e-mtb I’d recommend some decent lipos in the range around 5-6Ah 50-70C. Hobbyking does have some good ones for sale.

ESC wise I would recommend to go through @BillGordon post. He does list some options. MakerX with the DV series seem to be ok so far.

For wheels would be good to know which size you are looking for. There is a range from 5-11“ available and there are many different to choose from.

Motor wise, it also depends for sure :sweat_smile: but if you are looking for something in the 6374-85 range, Reacher V5 (and all their rebranded ones) seem to be top performer, but more on the expensive side. The Flipsky battle hardened ones are a good budget friendly option, but do come with a high pitching noice at a specific rpm.





Man, I appreciate it. I would be taken your advice as possible as I can.
You were definitely right, “best” can be fucked up in the next day. I will look for something that fit my circumstance and consider my wallet. :rofl:

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You might wanna setup a workshop thread as well where you can post your thoughts and build plans or what you consider to order. Like that we can help you to get proper parts for your board and give suggestions if you need help to put all that parts together.


THX bro. I will keep up posts, I plan to build it in 1-2 months, with time to check more and save up money for it.


Always good to plan ahead. Shipping times can be very long sometimes, depending on where you are located and where you are ordering your parts from. General recommendation: don’t order if items are on backorder or it’s a preorder deal. :wink:


Yes, yes, I don’t expect a long-term waiting period.