XBoard creation

Hi everyone! I hope you are doing well.

I wanted to share about the creation of XBoard.

So here Is where I’m doing to do it
You can ask me any questions
Please I invite you look at the website: https://skatexboard.com/
So you will have all the details

King regard


Happy to have you here X! Any plans to sell deck/enclosure combo’s for the diy community to get dirty with?


Thank you
So I’m working on this will have a combo probability coming but sure will see

but not with the same wood we use for LEGENDARY going to be with maples
After all the rest going to be same


Hi everyone hope you doing good
The new XBoard tire are coming really soon just want to give you a sneak peek


Seems to be very popular right now to go with a wide and flat tire profile.
Just wonder how that affects the overall carving performance.
Could imagine it’s a bit different from the regular rounded tires.


Most flat tire wide was 3 inch
So is why I design a 2.5 wide for don’t affects the overall carving performance to much but give you a crazy grip and more stability at hight speed
Also the rubber have a big play to do with it
I really like it a big difference on the grip and stability
But don’t really change for carving


That’s interesting to hear. I’d definitely give them a shot, but in my experience, profile definitely affected carving. For instance, there is a big difference going from a bergmeister profile to a clever profile. I’m sure weight and compound are probably a big contributor. An exaggerated example would be motorcycle tires. Not too many square profiles since the the main way to turn is “carving”.

Regardless, good luck with the launch and looking forward to trying them.