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Some of you maybe building a board, or just need some quick info for a pinout, or maybe just need some on-the-fly info to check something. Here is the place for it.

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This wiki page will contain most commonly used device’s schematic diagrams, from ESCs to URAT devices…etc. All vendors are welcome to submit their own products for publication. Please do note, all published devices’ info must be in production and shipped (or close to shipping with prove) to customers, e.g. shipped open-alpha test product for testing is allowed, but closed beta test product should not be submitted. Enough of my gibberish, let’s crack on.

Each device is sorted in alphabetical order by brand name followed by version number(if applicable) within their category, and if device has single and dual variants, single version will be listed first (this only applys to ESCs).


VESC V4 Hardware



VESC V6 Hardware


nothing to see here

Rideneo neoBOX dual (NON EXISTENT)

mib flashlight


Remote Receiver Device

Remote Control Related Device

Anti-spark Device

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Miscellaneous / Uncategorized Device

Gear Drives

All Terrain Moon Drive (Batch 2 Q2 2020) created by Moon Product page

If any vendor feel uncomfortable with such publication, please contact mods for removal.

Disclaimer: All information above are gathered from forum, forsaken land and on the internet. All images were not altered in any ways with the exception of cropping and slight colour correction for better viewing experience.

p.s. i will try to keep this up to date, but no promises