Al's Wild World of Wallaby Wankery

Dang you got your form right first try? You must have a gift for this. Those decks look professional AF.


This is absolutely awesome bro! Following closely!! (Be honest, did you get pointers from tech shit?)


Dunno where i would be without him :rofl:


Touched up the mold to flatten some high spots and lumps. The sharp transitions showed some cracking in the mdf surface layers, so I used the sander to dull these curves just a little.

Its gonna be a few weeks before I can get any sort of real veneers, so I’m pressing an MDF deck :rofl:

The relief i provided on the sharp transitions seems to have worked, as can be seen with the slight gaps in the close up photo.

It will actually be good to have this MDF deck, as I can use it as a sacrificial template in order to get the final shape right, and also as a buck to build an enclosure mold on.


The mdf deck was somewhat successful, still got cracking on the transitions.

MDF is really not a good indicator of what the veneers will do though, so i’m just going to wing it.

The ribs from the mold pressed through a little bit too. I think i’ll definitely fill the mold with expanda foam and maybe even use a little less pressure on the first real press.

But i’m pretty pleased with the result. I would have liked to have included some detail in the shape by narrowing the waist a little, but due to the nature of the tapered concave, i need to keep that waist as wide as possible for strength in the middle of the deck.

As it is, the section where the concave is lowest before it kicks back up again, is showing to be a weak spot on the MDF deck. It flexes a good amount in this area, despite the heavy W.

This could be a good thing as it could provide a little relief for the nose and tail transitions, and it can definitely be tuned with the addition of carbon fibre.

It kind of pains me to say this… but my dream deck has kinda turned out like an overweight evo :rofl:


Still pottering away with this. Injected the mold with my love and got to work on an enclosure buck.

Wax on wax off all day today, layup tomorrow.


It wasn’t my greatest layup, but it seems to have done the job.

Looking like there will be space for 16s5p 21700 or 18s6p 18650 :flushed:

Trimmed, wetsanded and ready to wax up for the first actual enclosure :partying_face: just need to order some more materials.


This is killer man… :call_me_hand:t2:


Been neglecting my workshop thread yet again

Designed this little harness system to make building out the Hellcats a little easier. Very happy with it, does exactly as it’s told. Everything is held in with pressure and foam so it’s super easy to install and I won’t have to fight with blobs of hot glue everywhere for any maintenance.

The veneers arrived! Pressed a new deck every day this week, each slightly different. Several of them will require a second run in the press, to add fibreglass to them, and a couple will run without fibreglass to see how they go.

I gave the very first one off the press to Vince, not entirely sure what he’s going to do with it, but I think he has a set of 3-links for it. The 3-links pictured above is the new HD track pack from Stooge, and will be getting built out for one of our loyal customers.

I pressed one deck with bamboo face layers, and i’m gonna set that one up as a pusher for myself, will likely even make it drop thru for science.

Still waiting on a fibreglass order so that I can properly finish these decks and start stress testing them!


My pusher is ready! No need to go drop thru, but I would like some slightly narrower trucks. The 200mm surfrodz would have been perfect, but for some reason my short shoulder bolts were too short, so i used BN stepped axles instead.

Looking forward to testing the shit out of it!