Apex Shredquarters

Ey up

Im Lee and I run a DIY Esk8 youtube channel which you can find here

Im 1/3rd of Apex Customs along with @bigben and @ducktaperules - you can find our website here

I decided to get all the boards out of my workshop and have a tidy up so whilst the floor is empty, I thought I’d take some pictures of the man cave. This is a work in progress and I’ll keep this thread updated with the happenings (probably) but this is how my man cave stands today. You can see in my really early videos it was just a grotty garage before I filled it with my man treasures.

So I do all my work in the garage that’s attached to my house, (I’ve put the lights on for you as I’m nice like that)

And here’s the view looking straight at the back wall, a few of you might recognise this. I built the desks etc and really like this L shape. I considered moving the 3d printer so it was near my mill when I did the last workshop upgrade but it’s quite a familiar part of my backdrop.

So here’s this, I store my camera bag and gear under the printer and more bulky stuff like the drill boxes etc. I made the stool (obvs, it’s shit) and my mrs used an old t shirt and made me a cushion, bless. Incidentally if you are ever in Baja Mexico you should visit the Baja brewing co - as well as Pacifico it’s the best you can get there. :heart: Baja - I really want to go back. Of note is the gas heater. In the summer the workshop is an oven and in the winter a freezer.

This is what’s behind me, some stuff. The tessy was my first skin test that @glyphiks helped me through - cheers bro. My first DIY (loaded icarus) I started in… 2016? I think finished March 2017. I haven’t ran that in so long I reckon my 2016 anti spark switch has probably sucked the life out of the battery, leaving cold hard husks of 30Q’s. RIP (probably). Also my summerboard :heart:. The plywood on the wall here used to be my old backdrop for my videos when the desk was against the wall.

And here’s my view, blinding lights that normally slowly cook me through a shoot. That’s my mill on the left, again on one of my home brew tables and on the right is just the chaos shelves.

This is an Openbuilds/Ooznest work bee 750 x 1000mm. I love it. I wanted one for ages and found myself with a lot of time on my hands in early 2020. Having never watched game of thrones and with a load of beer in the fridge I decided to put this together whilst binging alcohol and fit women in corsets. Init. I have a vacuum setup to go in here (blue barrel thing) and some other upgrades like the emergency stop button etc, but time is shorter these days. In the background you can also see my ikea shelving

And here’s the shelving, I keep all my tools, filament, battery making kit and skinning stuff in these. On top is just loads of shit tbh. I work on a program called ‘Love Island” every year, if you don’t know what that is, good, don’t google it. I however get offered loads of free hairspray through this so I grab it for the printer. Of note is the big fucking bottle of loctite. @moon thinks I don’t use enough so I bought the massive bottle to make sure I do. Ta Moonface,

And then finally the chaos shelves. I don’t even know where to start with this - just loads of shit? Batteries, half batteries, bro decks, peli cases, some Neo hubs and my wood for the CNC. There’s normally a table saw here but my neighbour has borrowed it.

And that’s it really. I want to change the shelves of chaos out and put a system in that I can stack boards on as when stuff comes in they usually sit on the floor in the way and I just generally need better shelving etc. I’ll keep you posted on that.

I hope you have enjoyed the look around my man treasures and I’ll try and keep you updated with what’s coming in and out as I go.


Dude! Super awesome shop tour! Do you have an updated tour up on your channel since the revamp?


I filmed one but then never edited it or posted it. I have footage from how it was before and doing the refurb but time is never on my side these days


:+1:t2: :+1:t2: :+1:t2:


The kook knows.


Nice bro! I wanna know whats under those red secret scribbles!


Nothing amazing, just a prototype battery tbh but I don’t want to get you excited for it :joy:


Such are the woes.


Nice looking shop. Damnit I’m getting clean shop envy…time to go home and clean.

Oh is that the bro deck I’m gonna win down there??


Hey I feel like I’ve had enough bad luck to give me a bit of good luck!


Yeah that was meant to be my board Eric. You effectively stole it from me.


You’re a bad man.

Edit: we have derailed here Bill :man_facepalming:


Yup. Cleaned up.


Ta Bill.

Today we have this hideous mess in

Bro swap, the (as of now unreleased) Apex rear enclosure. Some sort of sensible battery case and a smart BMS and charger

Half an hour later

Bit of progress, the battery looks like the usual mess I have to deal with - it’s also massive so I need to do something with that as it doesn’t fit in any of the usual cases I know


The plate for the esc enclosure looks awesome :ok_hand:


yeah its a cool design! we should be releasing them next week - just waiting for the anodisers to finish with the top and bottom plates

Edit - this is what they look like raw, this is for a Trampa VES6 setup. We will initially be releasing them for Stormcore and then VESC6 to follow


This would looks so cool with an engine turned finish:


These are very well designed. Have them on my board, excuse the no switch. Forgot it.

Even got to test out its strength a little :wink:


They Would indeed @RipTideSports!

@moon has the anodising sample so thats the colour we will be doing them in to start off with. We will also be offering some other finishes too such as CF etc.