BMS mounting inside battery pack, Printed bracket BMS mount for PCB kits

I want to securely mount my BMS in my battery, even though it will sit in a very stiff Eboosted Evo enclosure. I want it to be able to be safely used outside of this board if desired.

I wasn’t really sure how a BMS is even affixed in the heat shrink but my solution is a 3d printed mount that holds the BMS in place and can be zip tied and taped then heat shrinked. It has holes to route the wiring that still need some tuning at this time, looking for feedback from you all!

it is a two part print that slides on either side using the power elements to lock in and the tape and heat shrink keep it firmly in place.


Dude I was just taking apart my evo battery enclosure (finally got my @bigben enclosure, thing of beauty) and I was think this exact question.

I wonder how well it would work without the battery pcb.

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I got the idea the other night for mounting it at an angle when I noticed It could nearly fit on it’s side, then when I went to design it I realized I could attach it neatly to the PCB.

I’m sure you could print a little block and secure it in your enclosure to save a tiny bit of length

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Yea! I could use that industrial Velcro to mount the block, then attach the bms “sled” to it. Hmmm

I kinda wanna crack open the heat shrink since it’s been sitting, but I’m wondering if I can adapt it just a bit since I used the old school 4p PCBs

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oh lol I just realized this is designed around only DS 18650. Perhaps for universal design sake I should design it around stagger stacked 18650, as for SS you would just lay the BMS flat.

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@Andrew Do you have a Cad model for the M5 Terminal Lug? I can make my own I guess.

I’m split

I don’t know if I should make a standard xt90s or dual xt60 as it is going to two Torque6.64

Leaning to dual xt60 as I have a ton

Have you checked the product page?


Funny enough I did make my own version of that because I forgot you had downloads.
nah I was looking for the crimped wire side, not finding the right kind/size
or at least with a download link
mmm no cad

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okkk moved right along on that project, got what I think is a mostly safe design.

Within that center cavity you will have layers, balance wires first, insulate with fishpaper then two negative, insulate, positive.

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damn bit of a interference so this will hopefully not fit for some other reasons and I will not have to file it to fit.

If it was not clear before here is my idea for the wiring:

This but with fishpaper between

Not ton fear, quinncfocer is here.

Prototype needed little changes as you see

Holes needed to be larger as well


Thanks @Quinncfocer I’m sure I will switch my phones account eventually

These changes let the main leads fit out the sides if you want, switched to two oval holes vs 4.


probably should have made this slot big enough for the ring terminal or a xt60.

Or my other idea make it also have the shape and holes for panel mount xt60s would be nice.

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CAD is useful

switched to a single part

more print cleanup now

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