Booh! Haero 3DServisas MBS E-Toxx Lacroix TorqueBoards

This is my current project: Bat out of hell! It’s my first eMTB and I’m doing my best to do it justice!

It all started with a birthday gift that was lost in shipping for months but somehow must have been found in a cold dark corner and managed finished it’s journey only a few weeks late. The Haero Bro deck. I absolutely love the look and the feel of this deck but I haven’t ridden it… yet! To go along with the Bro I wanted the MBS bindings mostly because they look awesome.

That’s when things started to get out of control…

A badass build needs badass parts so we have some FatBoy 320 hangers paired with MBS Matrix II’s on yellow shock blocks in the front and orange in the back.

To get rolling I have the gorgeous E-Toxx Offset hubs with some 9" MBS tires and I think they look really good together. The gear drive is a custom made E-Toxx 1:5 helical setup for the FatBoy hangers connected to TorqueBoards 6380 motors.

This is powered by a 12s8p battery I’m assembling from Model 3 cells. Nickel is on the way, the welder is ready, the cells are siliconed and wrapped with fishpaper.

There is room for a few ESC choices but the two at the top of my list were the TB6 and the Stormcore 60D. At the moment my TB6s are used for testing but the 60D is in stock so a Stormcore it is!

With most of the parts sorted out things have to start coming together. The heat in the south is starting to break so it’s been a lot of fun working in the garage on the lathe and CNC to produce the parts and spacers necessary to make these pieces come together perfectly.

At the moment more parts are en route… Aluminium, Nickel, 60D and I’m working on the bullbar design. I’m kinda digging the carbon rods that I used as a placeholder on my 3d printing tests so they might just be used in the final design.


Pictures galore! Fabulous build.


Renee I’m copying you so hard.

Absolutely gorgeous eMTB build. Been so much fun watching you put this together.


Legit. Wish I could make a build thread but I took like 3 pics :rofl:


Hey, that’s a start. Not like that build is done forever right?


Totally not. Ill put new trucks on it in a couple weeks and take a few more shots

@skate420 are you putting heelstraps on this? Haggy sensor plugs? lights link?

I would have designed the ESC box the same way but I was lucky enough to get an Apex enclosure


Man…way to put us all to shame…

That build is a freaking beauty


Yeah, going to put my next build thread on pause for a bit while everyone forgets this one. Lots of nice touches.


This is the board I currently want to try out the most. Hands down. Great work on all the touches.

It’s super similar to my new setup so I would feel very comfortable but you used the deck I’m most interested in trying out and widened the wheelbase which I’ve also been curious about.

Oh look, same stance too. Purrrfect.


Wooooowww! Awesome work Renee!

My only concern would be the bolt layout holding down the battery box, you’re not worried about deck flex compromising those bolted connections?


Thanks y’all! This has been the most fun to build and the most challenging to be patiently waiting to ride.

I think heel straps will come soon. I’ve never tried bindings but when I hop this off the ground it really wants to twist. I checked MBS yesterday but they were out of stock so I just picked up spare tubes.
Those are haggy sensor plugs. I cut the first one too short and messed up my symmetry but shit happens haha.
These are the lights. My only word of caution is they have little cooling fans in the back. Idk how long they will last :slight_smile: Otherwise these are awesome.

Hm. That’s a good point. I’m not yet sure what is going to happen. I hope worst case I bend the bolts and have to come up with a new plan. Plus maybe I won’t flex the deck much? The deck will flex me :wink:

By all means, please do :slight_smile: The second time around I might just be able to make better parts. Let’s not talk about my first GPS plate ok?


Jesus, this is the best build I’ve ever seen. No joke. Sorry everyone else, not sorry. There’s just levels upon levels of insane work and design you did to make this your own and I’m not even mentioning all the really small and clean detail work you’ve done. I don’t even know if it’s fair to call this DIY because you’re a goddamn machine. Absolutely insane and absolutely amazing.

Can I ask why you went with etoxx and having to make custom pieces as opposed to 3Ds where everything is plug and play?

Also, where do you get those hall sensor connectors?


Your attention to detail is flawless amazing build :star_struck:


Agreed! What cnc?

Edit: This makes my board look like roadkill :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Really nice board :smiley:

Tho I think you fucked something up big time xD
U’re currently building an 8s12p battery…


LMAO :rofl: :rofl:


To be fair, I think those cells are rubber-banded together in those pictures as the battery hasn’t been started on yet.

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looks pretty glued together tbh :man_shrugging:t2:

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Umm…they’re glued in 12p packs…


@skate420 Yay you’re human. There’s hope for the rest of us :rofl:

Guess it’s time to order some heat shrinks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: