Cave Of Wonder


Moved into my little single garage workshop a little over a year ago now, started with nothing.

After moving a few things in my first big purchase was my Workbee CNC

Quickly got a waste board made up so i could start using it.

Starting to fill up. Next job was to build a workbench put a saw on it so i could build more things.

Buit a sturdy workbench for the CNC with wheels for easy moving.

Then build some more benches.

Benches have plenty of storage for all my shit. Im pretty happy with the result.

Next big addition was the most versatile power tool you can own, a 3d printer.

Inherited a pillar drill and got a fractional drill bit set for Christmas (how exciting).

Installed Wifi and google for music.

made a proper waste board and some decent work-holding tools

Got a charge and weld system settup for the spot welder.

LED Lighting upgrade.

Spot welding power supply upgrade.

And finaly i just brought my first real professional soldering iron.

Then this weekend the effort to put wheels on the CNC finally paid off.

had to cnc some long beams for a ladder up to the mezzanine.

Thats it, That is where im at right now.

Its a work in progress and im sure it will always be. Got big plans for some modular shelves, proper tool wall, more equipment but it all takes time and there are so many other things to do.

For now im just going to have to continue working in my messy workshop.


Yay Apex workshops 1 and 2 are on here now… @bigben where you at bro?


Which one?


All of em plz


So what does a year’s worth of projects look like?

(Warning, this ended up much longer than i planned.)

The day i picked up the keys was also the same day i finished my first AT build.

Then we finished my friends build.

This 12s1p pack was my first project on the CNC.

Made a single focbox case for my street board and started building an OSRR

Finished my OSRR.

Designed new DUAL ESC case for the street board.

Skinned it and fitted it.

upgrade to dual motors.

Prototype “mega deep” deep dish adapter for megastars.

Made some Christmas presents for family.

Started prototyping V2 megadeep hub wideners.

Christmas party costume. Theme was intelligence, I went as a “HIGH IQ” (yes i learnt to walk in stilts for that).

First aluminium parts on the CNC

Stripped some wet batteries

Got in some 3D Servisas parts for my 4wd build . . . and a few extras for friends.

Designed and made a remote prototype

CNC work on my BIGBOI deck for my upcoming 4WD.

Built my drives.

Test fit with wheels. Really liking how this is working out so far.

After damaging my carver enclosure i started thinking about converting my main board to top mount.

One of a few failed attempts to make parts in aluminium.

Gave up and swapped to printed parts and polycarbonate.

Finished the move to top mount ESC ready for moving to top mount battery.

Started prototyping more case designs

Made an egg holder :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Started experimenting with printed cell holders.

Made some shiny’s for @PixelatedPolyurethan

Designed and printed a case for the 12s6p pack.

Gave up on the case and covered it in heatshrink instead.

Put it on the street board so i could ride with the GF

Made some spot welding probes for when i get around to making a CNC spot welder.

Machined some cell holders for a new top mount pack.

18s4p cause i figured storm-core would be here by the time i had finished.

Stormcore 100D Upgrade and new enclosure.

Test riding with the 12s6p finally in a case

Teardown of a lonestar that went in a canal

Stripped down the street board so that the GF could build a small AT board to join on group rides.

Worked out well but now im without a pack again

So time to finish the 18s pack.

Also have to charge from boost module off my 12s charger.

No enclosure but need to ride so this will have to do.

Printed deck flaps and funky grip tape put the finishing touches on GF’s board.

Designed and CNC’d a battery case for the 18s pack.

Designed a 12s8p pack to fit the Trampa monster box for APEX CUSTOMS.

And built a few.

Designed some motor adapters for lacroix motors to fit standard gear drives.

Then upgraded the stormcore board to 140kv motors for insane torque.

And i finaly got around to getting the new battery case mounted on the stormcore board.

Finally feel like this board is back in a place where its almost finished again for a while. at least long enough for me to divert my attention back to the 4WD project that has just been collecting dust.

I realise that most of this has probably been a long incoherent mess of random different things but it feels like that just how it goes for me.



Your thread just cemented the fact that I need to get my shit together and do my major reorganization/rebuild of my workshop this fall. I’m gonna get on it, thanks for the motivation Q- I am super jelly in the best of ways.


Yeah spending time to improve you workspace is hard but it makes such a big difference to your workflow. Im a long way from done yet but its starting to become a productive space for building my crazy ideas. Im hoping to use this thread as kind of a running log of both workshop improvements and also things im working on.

I’ve got a load of shelving turning up tomorrow hopefully to build a board rack and get some floor space back. Never thought i would be so excited about getting shelving.


Definitely. My dungeon is in serious need of an overhaul. I need to build a proper workbench, amongst other things.


Dude. I froth on shelves so hard :joy: can’t beat a good shelf. I am almost at the point of adding another shelf around my entire workshop


Google Photos

Thank you Queron! It turned out magically !:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Now I’m just waiting on some new ESC because they went poof :boom:


Awesome looking workshop! This makes me wanna do another round of cleaning in mine!


Shelving arrived yesterday.

Got it installed on the ladder and stacked the boards up.

Much better and space for plenty more esk8.


Been trying to sneak in a little time to progress the 4WD over the last few days

Started making a center enclosure to house the the dual unity’s.

Hopefully it will be sleek and tidy under the swappable battery pack.


At APEX R&D facility we’ve been busy the last few weeks prototyping with different materials and construction methods, in order to build the best esk8 battery packs on the market.


That black heat-shrink with the white Apex Customs logo looks mint! :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:


Those actually look like they would withstand the “slamming your board into concrete for 30 min” test.


Oh Brian. :joy:


couldn’t you incorporate the blade fuse in to the PCB shame to have it hanging out on a inline fuse holder.

Then you would have to cut the heat shrink to change a fuse.


As @taz says. We could include it but really it’s better if it’s user accessable.