This is exactly what I’ve been wanting to do. I’m going to sign up for this welding class at the community college next time its offered so i can learn that part of it!


You’re going to weld your own frame?

If not make my own frame but be able to modify a preexisting frame and weld on brackets or what ever I would need to fit everything in there.

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Motorcycle has really helped with lockdown sanity this year, so much so I treated her to some upgrades and paint

Following this thread intently, btw has anyone seen the new Charlie Boorman / Ewan mcgregor bike journey series on Harley livewires?


I saw he was associated with them some how but never watched the videos.

There’s just something about the livewire that I don’t really like…

It the only thing that makes my Friday better

I’ve been wanting to build one for years, but too expensive for the moment, I don’t even have a motorcycle license, should’ve got one when I took the car license, was going to get it this year but covid happened

If there is one thing that sucks in all current comercial bikes is charging time, even the fast charge capable ones. the ratio in riding time to charge time is around 2 (time riding divided by time charging) while on the best electric cars that can be higher than 7

If I were to build one, would be with some Model 3 cells with a custom heating and cooling system and reverse engineer the charging algorithm so you can charge as fast as the cars, the ratio would still be lower to to poor aeordynamics that bikes have


You guys should consider the surron
It’s a Great machine, not all that powerful but it’s a hoot.
After a suspension upgrade it’s a real bike.



Same suspension I run on my downhill bike.


I kinda wanna make it a little more beefy ya know? Like an actual e-motorcycle

Do they have different frames?

I will just leave this here…


I get ya, small is just too…small

12inch x 3.5inch wide tires
5000w motor
80 to 110 km/h
3x 12v 6a capable wire harnesses (plus a cigarette lighter on the side)

It used to have pedals…used to


Here’s the up and coming storm bee. Made by the same company surron.
Full size bike, with a set of supermoto tires this would be a blast.


With the belt kit on my light bee with the SM wheel set I can get up to 55mph. This is the only picture I have with the SM kit. But you can kinda see the belt through the spokes. Once you go to the belt it’s almost silent.


WHAT IS THAT did you build it??

@NingNing :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: that might be it. Imma read up on it and get some specs

Edit: $10k though… I was hoping to build one under $5k :sob:

I bought a daymak em1 and gutted most of the internals.
They also have an em2 and em3. That last one is massive. Probably 1:1 with an actual motorcycle

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Wow it looks really nice honestly. But 32km/hr is… :sweat_smile:

It’s an electronic limit to get around Canadian scooter laws. Everyone with any self respect goes home and swaps the ESC/removes limiter.


Vendor removed his guarantee on the acid batteries that come with it in exchange for his vendor code in the app
Unlocked, the ESC allows up to 45kmh.
But as @Itsrow stated, you swap the ESC. I changed mine and go 80+ everyday (I did swap the motor cus it was topping out at 49kmh)


How’s it ride? How fast and how far? What esc did you swap?

I’m trying to make a work commuter :sweat_smile:

80+ (I weigh nothing)
60km min (again I weigh nothing)
Swapped in components from QSMotors (they have the closest wiring to the stock ESC to keep all functions and get a mostly plug and play experience)