FreeSK8 LightShow Module

Let there be light, and let the discussion about it take place mainly in here.


Is this coming out this month? I would love to be involved in beta testing. I have a build ready for it now.


I’m interested in how this device is controlled so headlights can be turned on/off from the freesk8 remote. Would also like to so power requirements to allow a horn to be connected as well.

Country law here requires a horn/bell and lights to be legal. Let’s look past the point that esk8s are illegal today, as having the above components are a step towards less fines and showing we are willing to follow reasonable rules.


Yes, the design intent behind the LightShow Module is full integration with the FreeSK8 remote. Initially it will likely be pretty basic, such as a dedicated Aux Button that toggles lights on/off, but eventually customization is something we’d like to explore too.


Would be awesome to see this pushed through despite chip constraints.

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It is. More details soon.

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