Linny's Weed Lab

Greetings scientists

Lin here, and this, is my weed lab.

This is actually my room, it’s 75% a workshop, 10% a bedroom, and 15% sex dungeon, we’ll get to that later.

A closer look at the drawers will show every item labelled because i sometimes forget which is where.

A 4 layer bookshelf, which has been used as a tool arsenal. Pliers of all sorts, 3 different types of hammers, files, vice grips, and a japanese pull saw.

I recommend getting the IKEA magnetic block, that was actually used for kitchen knives, but in our world, our kitchen knives are tools. Any tool with metal on them will stick, and it sticks well.
I have twice as many rolls of tape now, and have yet to figure out a proper way to organize them.

Where are my boards?

This was taken when it was just built. It was a pretty cool rack inspired by @Andy87
The piece can be detached by removing eight M10 bolts, and two 90 deg hinges, so this rack can be flat and transported if ever needed.

Who has been in the lab?
A handful of esk8 riders in my area, who either had a board issue, or asked me to build a board for them. And also @BillGordon yes. You should ask him about the story of him and my dad.

What has rolled in the lab?

An Evolved, Evolve.

Pneumatic boards! (feat a Prototipo)

A Thorium! (Battery installation)

A Lacroix Jaws

Aspiring DIY-ers builds

What has the lab created?
Lightweight builds!

Budget builds!

What boards do you ride Linny?

Pneumatic boards

Small boards

Urethane boards

Who is that?
This is baby, his name is Lucas, he comes in here sometimes. He has a bad habit of touching everything however. Fortunately he is not tall enough to reach the table yet. He likes to spin the front wheels sometimes.

Keep a lookout, i’ll update the thread with some pics of the ‘work’, workshop :kissing_closed_eyes:


So is the 15% sex dungeon related to the @BillGordon story with your dad perchance? :rofl:

I really don’t know how you neat guys live with yourselves. Needs more mess @Linny

Keen to see the ‘work’ workshop!


“Weed Lab”. Wheres the weed?


I just tried to reply FAKE NEWS. NO WEED HERE


I can’t post pics of that because Bill will then snitch my ass to the cops



wow is this how you guys treat a new member of the freesk8 community? bullying!


Cmon LinDawg, you promised us sex and drugs and have so far delivered neither.

More broken promises than an Enertion Easter sale in here :man_facepalming:


Ok, this is my Bluetooth speaker


Speak for yourself. That’s why his dad was so angry.


200 (1)


Cos you didn’t put out or cos you were so bad at it?


Linny made things unnecessarily difficult with his whole convoluted “opium den girl that needs to get punished” persona.


wow great workshop Linny thanks for letting us ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
looking forward to seeing what new and exciting law-breaking machines come out of the workshop. fwiw, i think you look good in that onesie, dont let these guys give you shit for looking young, they’re just jelly.


Appreciate it Wanda!

Work workshop is a lil messy now, I’ll take some proper pics once my schedule is cleared and things are looking cleaner.

Working on a pair of glow rings for a friend’s anniversary. Also yes, this is a side business that I do, besides esk8


Love the shop, it’s much like how I hope I can get my room to be, all my death machines have been made on the floor of my room currently :joy:


Do I hear an @deeif workshop being put together?


Tis awhile out… but soon


Greetings scientists,

I’ve been quiet on here for a bit because i was busy packing and moving to a new home!
Here’s what went down

This is the kitchen, day 1 before moving in hence it looks empty.

Living room without furniture yet

The new Weed Lab! But missing some stuff, so i had to use my bed and a stool as a table, ugh.

I had a standing desk and a nice chair on order but it was delayed, so i had to deal with a week without one. Printer’s on the floor because i have stuff to print.

Then, it’s time to replace my old computer. It was a $700 build that is nearing it’s death, so i figured an upgrade is due.

Here’s what i used.

Central processing unit (CPU) : AMD Ryzen 7 5700X 8-Core
Motherboard : TUF GAMING X570-PLUS (WI-FI)
Memory (RAM) : Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB
Graphics processing unit (GPU) : NVIDIA 3070
Storage : Silicon Power 1TB NVMe M.2 PCIe Gen3x4 2280
Power supply unit (PSU) : Corsair Tx750m
System cooling : NZXT Kraken X73
Monitor : PRISM+ X290
Case : Lian Li O11 Dynamic

The completed PC

Also, i have mounted all my tools on my cabinet’s door with pegboards, did you know you can squeeze extra space from there?

Bam, here’s the finished Weed Lab, and my new little place.


Great PC built with top notch components.
If you ever decide to push your graphics card with overclocking etc I suggest 2 dedicated cables instead of daisy chaining the 8 pin connectors.
I don’t think you will ever have an issue to be honest, just for the peace of mind.

Apartment looks good too :smile: