Pedro's Marcenaria

Yo guys

Joining the train on this both for you guys and for me to have a place to ramble

First a lesson in family history and Portuguese, Marcenaria is a woodwork workshop and my grandpa always did wood work as a hobby, so in the family every little toolshed is know as Marcenaria, don’t know how far back this tradition goes

Second, for the past months I barely had time to work in anything, my eMTB is down for more than two months I think, and the shop is a complete mess. BUT since this morning I’m entering a new phase in my life (that won’t change things that much for now, thanks covid) but I will have considerably more free time to get back at it

Now to some pictures of the mess that things are at the current state, apart from being my shop, it’s where every crap end up

This shape full of old cells has been going from one side to the other for the past 2 years or more, need to find a place to dispose

So, this is my todo list for now

  • Clean the shop: take everything out, throw away all garbage, wash the floor, organize everything, see if I can fit a extra table to be exclusively used for esk8 duty

  • Fix the eMTB: the tires that we have on it are crap, got a flat on the first day using them with slime on the tubes I have a new set to replace. Have to redo one of the axles thread that is completely destroyed and use M10, lets see how it goes, hopefully I don’t screw up and have to order a new hanger $$$$. Also install my new pulley design that should be more rigid and concentric with wheel

  • Make a 6S4P quick swapable battery pack from a old 10S3P NCR18650B pack I have here. The goal is to be used as range extender on the eMTB and on the eBike. I have a few ideas on how to make the quick swappable part, have to do a few simulations on the design to see if it will work, will be updating here as it goes

  • Build the eBike: Have all parts here, it’s a mid drive that drives the crank directly by a single stage reduction, more as an assist on hills, I want to go back to riding far all

So that’s all by now, hopefully will start the clean up tomorrow morning


Yes! These workshop threads are my favourite! Stoked you’ve joined the party!

I approve of the mess. You get 4 out of 6 warm beers for your mess ranking.

Its always good doing a workshop clean! Definitely helps with motivation. Keen to see the cleanup attempt!


Will see if I can hook up the GoPro somewhere and do a full time-lapse of the endeavor

Don’t worry, once I start working again I think I can do a 6 beer mess

This is my idea, get everything tidy to bring it on new projects, even if the desire is to lay back and binge watch a bunch of series that I stopped following on the last months

Another important project is to make a board rack and a dedicated place to put my speaker


unnamed (30)


So everything begins, all floor level stuff take out and now letting a bit of bug spray do it’s work to kill a few spiders that were making me company, they started to get way too comfortable

Now to power wash the floor


Part 1 done, tomorrow is to organized all the shelves and bench. Ideally I should each and every box and clean them and throw a lot of things away, but’s not gonna happen at the moment


Overdue but needed update, almost all in


Now done, with a corner for the boards, and hanger for my riding backpack and more important a shelf partition just for tires, helmets, chargers, remotes and everything that I use eboard and ebike related

Long time I haven’t seen the entire bench at once :star_struck:

Tomorrow I start working on the MTB to make it rideable again, biggest issue is to redo the thread, either it works or I will need to get a new hanger


Yeeeewwww!!! Nice work dude! Always feels good and brings new motivation once the space is cleaned up.

The hardest thing now is keeping it clean!


I give two weeks max, maybe one if people here help :grinning:

Thanks dude

Now to fix the 3D printer that suddenly decide to resets itself randomly and I have some parts to deliver tomorrow morning :upside_down_face:


Printer fixed, it was the power supply that was sagging bellow 12 V and crashing the Arduino, increasing the adjustment to 13.6 V solved thanks skatan, finishing the parts I have to deliver tomorrow in a few minutes

While it goes I started changing the tires from the ones I got from AliExpress, still don’t know if they are the hard ones that last forever, tomorrow I need to wash all plastic parts because they are disgusting from mud, and still waiting for a new bottle of Slime to fill them


Cooking some new wheels assembly with a new pulley design that use just one bolt all the way instead of the crappy brass hex stands I’ve used before, was a pain to assemble

These AliExpress tires looks way meatier than the Trampa Treads I had before


Would final design see the nuts housed in a hex slot?


Maybe, but I’m not a fan

Long story short, long bolts are unobitanium around here, these bolts are used on the Lacroix wheel and Alex sent them with a few other toys a while back, so I had to make a design that worked with them, I wanted to put a washer between the nut and the pulley, but no room, and the thickness of that spoke already is thinner than I would like

Big chance that it will break and I will go flying

The good thing is that is spins perfectly true, and since I’ve also done some mods on my printers, it can finally print perfect circles instead of the a bit oval pulley I’ve been printing for the past years :grin:


What material will you be printing in?

Oval shaped pulleys sound less than ideal :rofl:


Getting the right belt tension was a pain, I give you that

All in ABS


Thread remade, a few sketchy moments that I was sure I had lost the hanger but in the end back in business


Well done!
I have one of those rethreaded trampa trucks as well :joy:


The steel is absolutely crap in my opinion, I could thread without almost any force, feels like aluminum , they should harden it after threading, I was thinking in doing that, but there is a chance I will damage the hanger with the temperature


Finally done, actually just realized I forgot to cut the grip tape on the deck holes

Can’t wait to ride it again after all this time