Poastmote Round 2! 2poast2mote [Puck Design Contest Entry]

Aight hoes, I did her again, this time with some improvements!

some-ish volume, but I made it more comfy to hold
I made a nubby bubby wheel just for 2.0, but the buttons stayed the saame
Hopefully it’s a bit more big hand friendly!
It’s ages easier to print with less weird geometries that could cause some imperfections
can’t forget! she got a lanyard hole now!

you know how it be uwu

As always, feedback is welcome!

don’t mind the dirty pink, I had residual black filament when I printed that

For those without a printer, just hit me up, I can send you a print!just let me know what hand you use, $8 per + shipping cost which should be about $8 as well


It looks like a really good design for glove riding.


Fuck you Tony I kinda like the stinky pinky holder. It’s nice. Real nice.


Found the right thread :rofl: please put more picks one without gloves I don’t go fast enough to wear gloves

my bad :sweat_smile:
i just woke up lmao (keep in mind i use size Small gloves so take that as you will)


Let see it next to a puck shell to get an idea how small those hands are :call_me_hand:

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aight bet :wink:

just lemme find my clear pucc in the tornadoe that is my dorm :rofl:

i’ll send pics with the pucc soon as i can find it but fornow, here’s a pic of a ppb in my hand with a PM next to it


Very nice I likey

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As promised that magnetic charge port adapter is 11x6mm and sticks out 3.5mm from the puck shell when fully plugged in.


Great job. Now can you contact all android phone makers and get them on board with this? Thank you


I‘m have some calls tomorrow.
Let me see what I can do :joy:


that should work no problem! Just in case, I’ll update the pucc so the wall is flush with the edge of the charge port

Actually, I’ll keep it as issss, it’ll help with keeping pressure on the o ring on the plug (I’m assuming it’s a soft silicone kinda thing?) If anything, .5mm is not much at all


i found half of my puccc :slightly_smiling_face:


@poastoast This looks sick! I wanna snag one of these from you please. I cant seem to figure out how to send you a dm on here though… Can you send me a message or do you have an IG I can contact you through?


Hi welcome to the forum. Why 85 skates? 3 legs or a friend missing one? 🤷


Hey Poasty I’m going to print one of these out, and I was wondering which file you used for the nubbed thumbwheel

it should be in the “accessories” branch (where the buttons are as well)

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Ah dope, I missed it

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For those wondering, it’s sweet. I think you could make it a little “longer” from front to back (distance from the palm closest to wrist to the point your fingers start) so you don’t have any curl in your hand while holding if that makes sense. It would sit more flat this way. But it’s a million times better than holding a circle.