Project Black Rhino 800€ URGENT SALE

I’m leaving the e-skate and want to sell my board and all it’s accessories.

I hurt my back during work so i’m no longer able to ride.

Fullbag Speedcarver Longboard Deck with an added wood border on the bottom for the eletronics and a metal sheet and rubber cover to be fully water prove, there is a bunch of rain in portugal on the winter and I never add any problem with water entering my board.

Batery Pack
The board has a brand new battery pack 12S 4P of LG INR21700-M50LT 4890mAh - 14.4A and a brand new BMS from LLT Power.

The Vesc is a Stormcore 60D+.

Bioboards 65100 5400W Motor 205KV.

Flipsky VX2 Pro.

Maytech Mountain Board Trucks with motor mounts, plus 2 spare motor mounts and a brand new set of wheels front and back “with pulleys”.
The motor pulleys are different, they are full metal ones 15T.

Mean Well HLG-320H-48A you are able to adjust the voltage and amperage of the output and has an imbedded digital watt meter (I painted it black).


Comes with 2 used and 4 brand new.

Comes with rear lights that have turn signals, brakes and hazardous. That are all controlled with a remote.

Power Supply
Turnigy 1080W Power Supply and Turnigy 400W X2 Balance Charger.

12 new Bolts for the trucks.
New Charge plug Male and Female for the board.
Multi Tool for the board.
And a custom tool to remove the whells and and the trucks nuts.

And a motorcycle jacket size M

Battery Info

Price for all: 800 €

If you want more information about the board just ask.
I will answer every question

If someone wants to buy the board before 02/07 i will make as extra discount on the price

I really need to sell the board, I’m in a hurry.

Do you still have this??