Project Black Rhino

I have been working on this project for a few years but now it’s in a point that I’m happy with it and can consider it complete

12S4P battery pack with the LG INR21700-M50LT 4890mAh - 14.4A, the BMS is a LLT Power 20A.

Stormcore 60D+.

Bioboards 65100 5400W 205KV.

Maytech Mountainboard Kit, the motor mounts are a different ones.

Fullbag Speedcarver Longboard.

Flipsky VX2 Pro.

After buying the board I remove the logo and started working on the wood border to have a space for the eletronics

I sanded the border to make sure that I had a good adhesion between the board and the wood box
After that I used epoxi resin to glue both together and also added screws to make sure that they won’t come apart

After everything was cure I sand it all and paint it with wood filler primer and sand it again to make sure everything was smooth

After that it has time to cut the metal sheet to make the lid for the eletronics

And I had to put the trucks on the board to see how it looked all together

With every thing working together it was time to drill the holes for the power button, charge port and motor conectors, and to paint it all

Now it’s time to start adding all the bells and whistles.

I started with making sure that everything was using connectors so that everything was modular and able to be taken apart, every component that you see on the board is able to be taken apart and remove all the wires connecting to the other components.

And I also added some back lights to my board that are controlled to make it easier for people to see me and know where I’m going on the road.
I had to get use to it having a remote in each hand, but it was a easy and quick!

Hope you guys like it

If you are interested the board is for sale

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