RAWshop - Ross’ Alliteration Workshop

Struggled to keep up with the emerging naming convention here! But here it is.


Single tin shed residential garage full of domestic family shit, a weights rack, rower, rehab exercise bike :rofl:, office workstation and most importantly a 1200x900mm esk8 workbench :+1:

It’s plush inside with insulation, ply linings and wool carpet on underway (oooh). Space is at an absolute premium, however. Other highlights are wine fridge, stereo, vac pump and air compressor.

I have managed to squeeze in a wall rack for board storage, and have good drawers for parts storage and some shelving for tools etc.

Haven’t let this stop me making stuff tho, and I do a good amount of building on the lawn on a handy ‘builders mate’ collapsible workbench :+1:

Future plans for RAWshop are removal of the office workstation (which is currently buried under a kids cardboard aeroplane model :man_facepalming: ) and make an extension of my workbench to full length of the garage (to triple my benchspace). No programme for that though, hopefully by next year? :man_shrugging: :joy:

I have no deadlines or external pressures for this stuff, so timeframes and progress on esk8 things (especially workshop stuff) can be pretty sporadic. Family time and work commitments mean I have got plenty of half finished builds which seem to be going nowhere, and only short time windows to ever do esk8 stuff.

I will post some of what I’m doing in here from now, rather than clog the pics thread with all of it. :rofl:


Yesssss! Gotta make good of what you’ve got bro! Super keen to follow your projects here :ok_hand:


It will feel so much better when you do this…just be careful and don’t be like me and cover this new benchspace with more junk.


That’s what benches are for isn’t it? So many nights spent working on the floor :rofl:


Wait you guys have tables… for building?? All my boards have been built on a floor…


Wait…you have a floor???

My boards have never been built in just one place…I’ll bring little mini projects into the living room or where ever else!


Same here :joy:
The only thing I do on the table is soldering and my batteries.


I definitely don’t solder on the floor sometimes


You have space!? I actually have a chair and when im sitting on it i can lay the board on the armrests to inspect everything :rofl:

I definetly sometimes never solder like that because its dangerous :wink:


Spherical install to LDP truck.


On a bit of a whim, started making a buck for a Hummie DS enclosure this weekend. Bought a bunch of new clamps, so much easier.

Kerf cut a couple layers of 18mm MDF, clamped and glued for some shape.
Next step is bog the kerf cut holes and then hit it with the belt sander and planer for chamfer on the edges.

It’s looking pretty rough at the moment. :joy:


Wee bit of progress. Bogged the holes and then chamfered the edges with my new belt sander (tools budget :joy:) and then rebogged some bits where I got too agressive on it - noob. Corners rounded a bit. Needs more work. More filler and sand and repeat.

Made a new sanding tool which is good for this though. Cut a 40 grit belt from the belt sander and glued it flat to a 80mm wide x 450mm long MDF board. A super rough sanding plank. Good for flattening the edges that I fucked up with the belt sander :rofl:


Very nice. I do not envy you right now :rofl:


Haha. Yeah it was really about an hour playing with the new belt sander and some bog and then about the same trying to fix my fuck up after work today :joy:


Slow progress.
Rounded corners and edges and fixed the belt sander fuck ups, but not happy with shape so gonna chamfer the corners a bit.


Hmmm. So buck is rough shaped but looks too short. Not too happy with it. Based length on the recess length but really should be longer to look right on the deck. I’m gonna change plan bit and make way more work for myself and make it as a segmented flex enclosure and chop the buck into sections so gaps between each section give it a bit more length. :man_facepalming:.


Ohh buddy you’re in for a world of pain :rofl:


Its looking awesome by the way. Love the revised corners :ok_hand:


:joy: yeah I know.
I was like maybe just make it like this, it’ll be fiiiinee.

But I can’t deal with it. I’ve filled all of the kerf cuts in the underside so it doesn’t fall to bits and tomorrow I’m gonna take the handsaw to it!

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I am 10 times more excited about this project now.

My biggest advice would be to make absolute certain what size you want your segments. I fucked up one of the evolve revisions by making segments the wrong size :man_facepalming:

Marked it for heaps of cuts, but think I might try and just do three segments. Minimise the extra work. Will see how it goes :joy:

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