Scandahooligan's Noobish Corner of Scallawaggery

What’s up folk! This has been a long time coming as I’ve yet to create a thread/topic on a forum.

This corner will cover my journey through a couple builds currently on the tables.

I’ve been digging deep learning diy the last 8 months or so. Ordering parts, finding out they won’t fit, ordering more and the cycle continues.

This is as much for documentation of my building journey, as it is to put myself on blast. I’m a NOOB, a PUTZ, an armchair diyer. My daily ride is a backfire zealot(:pensive:). My doggo driver is a bkb tayto.
Both are fun boards, but both have limitations.

My 2 builds going have specific the purpose of replacing/upgrading my current rides duties/abilities.

First off is a Moonshine Sidekick to replace the Tayto. Kicktail, mallgrabbable, local errand runner/dog runner.

This one has a skin special to me, fabric should be here in about a week! My goal with this one is the ultimate “short” kicktailed board. Capable of speed, yet still compact and portable.

Next up is a TB40 v2 that will replace the Zealot. A daily driver that is capable of good speed and heavy carving while still being manageable size wise. I currently get 10 miles range going full trottle (bonus points if you get referance…) on the zealot. I’m looking to get 20ishout of this one. Battery is a 12s4p p42a on thane so it should be manageable.

This board will do the bulk of the work as I tend to get out after dark frequently on open roads and can rack up a decent bit of miles.

Leave any expectations at the door, cause this is a corner of the forum where I’ll be exercising some pretty noobish shit compared to most around here. While I’m an anal fuckwad, my expectations are low as well based on my experience level and my average BAC that I tend to build with. Beyond noobalicous mechanics, I may pull off some fun aesthetics with a bit of experimentals mixed in.

I’ve soaked up a ton of info from this community. A lot on my own, and plenty of hands on from gracious(and cunty) contributors. With that I’m very thankful!
I’m so stoked to have control over most aspects of my boards as opposed to being at the whim of pre-made closed garden manufacturers.
Riding snowboards/esk8 are a big part of my mental health. It’s my healthyish escape. Building and the learning that goes along with it are slowly becoming a part of it as well.

So welcome to my corner of this forum! :raised_hands:
Get ready for some half buzzed up average skateboard building.

This is where the shit magic happens.

More scallawaggery to come soon


Awesome bro, keen to follow the journey :ok_hand:


At first I thought I could do the proper amount of research, order parts and slap some shit together :rofl:.
I was quite wrong. I’ve learned so much, yet have a long way to go.
That said, my confidence has grown with the mistakes, and what felt insurmountable now feels very much doable.
It’s just skateboards, not rocket surgery!

Also, you’ve been a big help, skinning decks felt like magic b4 you put up your tutorial.
Pm me your PP, I owe ya a beer :beer:

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:flushed: lets keep it PG in here dudes.


Oh gawd damnit :rofl: oops



The sidekick is fully assembled to form(25lb so far :laughing:).
These gears scream, they’ll quiet a bit with grease and wear, but I dig the sound. Electronics are close, last thing is swapping the Daly for a flexi bms. That part will be a pain as I have to solder extensions on all the balance wires as well as learn to throughhole solder on board. Some wire management is left as well as vibration dampening.
Going to disassemble tomorrow and get going on filling holes and preparing for skinning.

This is what I’m going for here. A couple details were off so I adjusted a few things in GIMP and it’s being reprinted now, along with skin for the TB40. Expecting shipping notice any day here.
In the meantime there is plenty to do!

One lesson I learned while drilling out the enclosure for the power switch is to not make your pilot hole to big for a forstener bit. It jogged around a bit b4 finding its way, but meh, it’s passable.



Busy week between work and mothers day project, but I got a few things done on the boards.

Sanded the piss out of 2 decks.

Did my first ever through hole soldering on the flexi bms. I need to solder extensions and recrimp all the existing balance wires yet :expressionless:.

Fabric came in for both boards :partying_face:
I’m waiting on a full BN M1 drivetrain b4 I skin the TB40. I’m crossing my fingers on a drop through config and will likely have to inset the baseplates in the deck if it’s possible at all. Would rather not do that to a fresh skinned deck.

I did layout and started basecoats for the Moonshine deck. Switched epoxy to System Three Silvertip on this, so gotta learn its properties a bit. Time to recoat seems a bit long, but bubbles are way less than West systems, smells a bit worse though.

I’m digging the smaller image on the print. Feels like it fits the board better, sharper image and seems a bit more classic skate style with image between feet.

No beer was harmed through out the work, but enough or more were drunken.

Next couple evenings is just working on skinning the Moonshine



I often fuck up. You can back it with a piece of wood.


3 basecoats down

Fabric layed. Was a pain, I think I could have waited a hair longer as the pulloff/readjust was stickier than I remember. Could be the different resin.

Locked in, and excess cut.

I’m quite stoked on this seeing the rails against the skin. The green rails was where I started with a color pale when searching for images to skin way back when.

After and sk8, gonna get down and get some glass on it.
I think I may painstakingly cut-in around the firgure/cat and leave that smooth. Pot time isn’t an issue, so could have plenty of time to cut-in. This would be experimental on my end, I did it differently on the black and white deck, so :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Would masking not be a better way to go?

Looks fuckin amazing dude! Really stoked on how well you are doing with this!

even if you are blaspheming that beautiful deck… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


See I did that on the black and white zealot deck and it left a bit to be desired. Mistakes were made. I could refine the masking process and tediously cut tape, but I think I could spend the same time just cutting in the epoxy, sprinkle my glass, let cure and excess SHOULD come of what doesn’t have resin. Tim was on that podcast and I believe he mentioned “cutting in” as opposed to masking off for the more detailed lines.
The extra pot time that the System Three allows should give me plenty to cut in, and with fine frit I feel you don’t want to toss it on right away anyway, cause it just sinks in and gets embedded.

Really couldn’t have done it without you/ @rosco. I would have screwed the pooch so much, let alone probably wouldn’t have even tried.


Go forth for science child and bring back your learnings. I trust your judgement :+1:


Science has been done. The better 2/3 sacrificed some art tools to the cause.

Was not without mishap and a few beers.

I started with the cutting-in all around the character/cat/green lines. As I started outside the triangle, the resin in the cup was kicked. I had a light in my hand instead of cup so I didn’t feel the temperature rising otherwiseI would have thrown it on a plate.
I quick mixed some more to quick coat the rest. Then waited a few and sprinkled fine.
Tentatively, I think next time I’d mix enough for the cut-in, if detailed like this, then mix more for the majority.

It’s a mystery at this point. I don’t really feel fine frit needs a lock-in coat. I’ll clean it up after work tomorrow and decide. Definitely keen to see how the it turns out.


Nice work dude, it looks the ducks nuts :ok_hand:

I don’t put a coat over fine frit, it just gets buried.


Gave it a bit of time and tipped it over to get the excess of. Bit of clean up with a blade. :partying_face:
In the future I’ll keep my cut-in lines a little further away to account for resin settling.
Lasagna and bed for me.

Just realized I should have cut in the wings :rofl:

Paralysis through Analysis…


Looks super nice dude :ok_hand:


You gonna finish that? Nice board BTW.

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Deck is is done minus painting bottom and clearcoat, maybe a little touch up top where the frit isn’t, only 1 resin coat there as is. Cutting around the details worked quite well.

Last night was the worst, I plan to do everything I can to never do this again :rofl::joy:
Bms wire extension for flexi bms.

Hopefully today get to figuring out the pack/charging wiring for it along with programming the flexi.
This is all new to me, so learning(slowly :laughing:) as I go.

You know it! Lasagna leftovers never make it to the trash, it’s might be better the day after.


Is better than not learning at all.

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My little project for the night was power/charge leads for the flexi bms. While flying by the seat of my pants, it turned into a decent wire management project to save even more space.

It replaces this. Doesn’t seem like much, but every millimeter counts on this enclosure.

It lit up and didn’t blow up(!) thankfully.
Hopefully finally get it programed tomorrow.

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