The Last Power Supply You'll Ever Need

Alright Gang here is my tutorial. I’ve typed up materials and links but for the most part, its just the 25 minute video. Hope you dont mind that. I’ve added some time stamps so you cab Skip around later.

Let me know how this is. I can also do a write up I suppose but this was more fun

1:00 Converters and general tidbits
5:15 How to Turn on Supplies
9:10 How to DC isolate
20: Assembly

PSU Option:



Nice. thanks partner.


Awesome. Thanks for hooking us up. I don’t absolutely need this, but oh baby do I absolutely want this.


Mr Lamp

I’m taking the plunge…
I wanna build this…

I KNOW nothing
the Dell N750P is at a great deal on $25

I don’t even know the voltage these PSU output… obviously 750 watts…

what I want now is a 10-12s li-on charger, and power supply that can do a minimum of 10amps

but I wish to future-proof this power supply so to upgrade to maybe 20s in the future…

how many of these N750P’s should I buy now?

and… the converter… thanks for posting the links you did… but if you had an almost unlimited budget and was starting over would the 96V/20A converter you posted still be your choice, or?

I think I should look at a desk-top frame/enclosure/chassis and some fans… but I can sort that out later…

kin ya help me out?


converter yes. Get the same one. Just pick if youd rather charge at 50A up to 14s or at 20a up to 22s.
Keep in mind you can also hook up as many of these converters side by side as you want. the DC supplies are theoretically capable of doing 60a so anything below that is fine at one time. so you can get two converters, one for 50a and one for 22s.

If i had $ then I would use different supplies. Those dell N70P are nice because they are easily turned on and dirt cheap. like if you buy 8 at once they come out to less than $10each. But they are huge and run hot
Any DC supply thats server grade and works fine as they are all 12v. Important is to know how to turn it on (solder pins together)

Lets start by figuring out if you want 20a at 22s or 50a at 14s , or options for both? from that we will find you some supplies. Then based on how many s you want to start with we know how many supplies youll need


let’s start here brother…

can I mitigate the heat by purchasing a different power supply?

I wasn’t batting an eye at $25 and you say I can source them at $10… interested definitely…

but I wanna build one power supply… 12s at first but upgrade-able… and the second converter is definitely a future upgrade…

i’ve got some time…

i only wanna do it once

I wanna make it future-proof for at least a couple of years and upgrade it in the near future to 20s

does that make recommendations easier…

if it costs me an extra +/- hunnert bux or so, I’d like to consider the above…

thanks brother Lamp!


That definitely helps. 750w supplies are cheap and will allow you to max out the 50a converter easily, as these supplies provide ~63amps)

So if you want the smaller form factor and higher efficiency supply I would recommend the
Hp Dps-750rb supplies. Easy to rig up and smaller form factor.
Otherwise the Dell n750p will do for a larger cheaper setup.

5 of these will get you to 60v.

You can start with that and add on supplies at any point really easily. So start with 5 and then add as You go along. The converter will need 9 supplies in order to max out at out at 96v output (108v) input. You can even mix and match supplies as long as you consider that the smallest wattage will bottleneck.

Check this out. 6 of the small form factor for $10each. That’s a steal

For completions sake, I would have suggested 250w supplies I’d you had planned on never exceeding 20a. But I don’t really have a good source for these.


Next You’ll just want to go through this here hack to turn them all on. As well as do the ground isolation. The ground isolation is important so I’ll add a more detailed procedure once You have them




  • $13.78 Shipping

used… I think I’ll be buying the Dell PSUs from Bezos, unless you think these are far superior… I’ve messaged the dude about buying and shipping of 5 of those HP units…


Wrong link somehow sorry


They are not!

I personally thing the bigger Dell n750p is superior. The fans can be turned down and are larger so they re quieter!

If you don’t care about size. Then get the Dell n750p.
And You can also get them off eBay in bulk for even less.

Weirdly in they’re more expensive but that’s eBay for ya🤦


I just scooped that lot of 6 Dells…

thanks brother!!
now I gotta go buy the Converter and look for a case!!
I appreciate your help brother…

look for more questions soon!!!


Nice. Pc cases work. For those supplies I’d look for like a mini atx case or something like that


I was in fact looking at those, wondering if it would all work/fit… when I stumbled onto gaming cubes with lights and fans…

…ohhhhh shiny…


I trust something like this would work?

I guess I could go look through all my shit for a used computer case… but fukkit… I think I want the red lights and fans!!!


Lol welcome to pc building. Half the budget is performance. The other half is “oohh shiny”

Yeah I’d say so. As long as it fits. I am worried if you can fit enough in there for 20s. Remember in the end you want like 7-8 supplies to get to 20s

The divider is interesting. Perhaps stick the converted where the pc PSU goes. And then stack the server supplies in the main chamber…


Mr. Lamp,

how exactly do the Dell PSUs mount?
I’ve been struggling to find a case that will allow 7-8 PSUs and a converter or two!

the above case using both the left and right hand chambers “may” work, or may not???
so I can order one additional case and make an expansion mini case to upscale the 12s to 20s

or I could DIY something like this:

it’s at the polar opposite of the shiny-shiny option above but would allow the most flexibility and ease of configuration, I figure 4 PSUs each side, stacked, and converters on top…

I’m not exactly in love with the open-frame aesthetics, and the problems of mitigating dust intrusion into the electronics, but I can DIY this relatively easily…


If by *mount" you mean stacked in top of each other ? I just stack them and that’s it. I don’t ever move it so there’s no need to mount anything :confused:

I’m gonna be :100: honest and say that I am a
function >> form
guy. If You want it to look good then I’m not gonna be a lot of help :confused:
What I can say is that the way we are doing it. There are very few (moment can think of atm) special considerations you’ll need to take , Since the cases are all still tied to earth.

Also don’t forget you’ll need a good amount of 10awg or equivalent for the DC side and a bunch (1 per supply) of those power connectors and splice them in parallel or get a multiplug.



I just pulled the plug on this setup:

it’s got enough 20x20 rails and hardware to configure almost any configuration.
I’ll see what the Dell PSUs look like when they get here and make a frame and handle to hold them all in as compact and form fitting as I can, and then worry about enclosing the case later if I sense the need…

yeah wiring wondering if an 8 plug power strip connected to a 20amp house circuit will work. Or just DIY a parallel wall plug solution.

the DC side seems easy peasy crimping on 10awg wire connectors, I may investigate a bolt thru mechanical connection.

I’m off to watch your vid again for like the 5th time…

:sparkles: :star2: :sparkles:


so those supplies you have are Gold type so thats 92% efficiency.

so lets say you want to charge 50.4V at 20A then the power drawn from the house plug will be
(50.4v20a)/(0.92110v) is 9.9a from the wall. So linearly you can safely charge at 20s and 20a no before you hit real problems on the socket side

Now that you mention it i did some maths
Probably by design. the converters are actually rated at just under what a 110v/20a home plug will do. 96v*20a = 1920W at 92% efficiency thats 2087W so thats actually super close to the 2200W a plug will provide.

If you dont want to use a multiplug you can also just use one of these splitters