What's your next sizeable purchase?

Buying the stuff is the easy part. Having the time to put it all together that’s the challenge I have 2 active builds I am taking to new levels of procrastination. One need me to finish the code for the matrix display. Other waiting on keyway keys, fuckers are the smallest part in a build but if you don’t have them your pulleys don’t spin and yes you can use a cut up 3mm drill bit. I am calling BS tried it can’t get the pulleys to slide on. Lucky Dickyho to the rescue…


I hear you. I have a bunch of parts ATM, and just need to get off my ever-widening ass and put them together.

I still can’t understand why you don’t get them/can’t buy them with any motor, and the same goes for pulleys if you’re using belts.

I shake my fist at the sky!


Their kits are super nice! They make it so easy to build. I’m waiting on some moon drives. Or boardnamics mbs.

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I just found some pretty cool sites… I’m going to start a build so I do t have to drop 6 grand all at one haha.

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These guys seem to be having a pretty good sale on frame… if there is any left. :slight_smile: https://openbuildspartstore.com/tools/

never been tempted by one of these?

I have.

4kWh quick swap packs for an hour of flight. 25kW peak output power.

Think i could easily justify the cost of something like this :rofl:


I need to buy pretty much all the parts for a high speed, high voltage 4wd carver build. I have the haero deck, now i just need the rest :rofl:

I still have 4 builds to finish before that tho :man_facepalming: i just keep getting suckered into doing shit for other people for money.


Already did!

Kinda leaning towards this…but not sure! I like the scrambler but i think its gonna be too small for me so i may step up to a monster.

You want it done right or you want it done right now?

I know that electricity is the future. But right now battery density isn’t there for paramotors.
I can use gasoline and fly for 3x as long for the same weight. Id much rather fly for 3 hours.

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Good things come to those who wait :ok_hand:

cough dongs cough bms cough antispark cough


Fuck it, looks good from my house.

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I have a couple batteries in the works and one is a monster.

Otherwise, need to figure out hangers, gear drives, and motors for the 4WD 44. Oh yeah, and a second 100D and an Apex box for it.

Couple grand or so should cover it if anyone wants to help. Fuck.


Ill help :rofl:

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True, But it also has its benifits. Electric paramotor has almost no maintenance. Ruins clean, starts easy every time. Plus can be stored inside without stinking out the house. Not everyone has the storage, workshop space and transport for a gas motor.

I know it’s early days for electric paramotors but I feel like we’re quickly crossing the threshold where they are becoming a viable alternative.

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I love batteries just as much as the next guy, but come on, the actual process to make them is quite disturbing.

Either of my motors start first pull.
Very very little maintenence on a 2 stroke.
Just grease exhaust bells every 25 hours.
And all you need is a siphon to drain fuel for storage.
Or just run the motor empty. Storage space will be the same for either machine space wise.
Personally I’ve seen quite a few battery fires so I would not charge indoors.
Once solid state batteries are available I’ll consider it. One huge advantage of gas is that you can land anywhere and bring it to your motor.
If you land out with electric you are carrying that motor home.
Another thing is flying over water.
That’s all I do. If an electric motor goes in the water. Its done. So are the batteries and escs.
With a gas motor I’ll pull the plug get the water out, and fire it right back up.
This will not happen if you get an electric motor in the salt water.



We will charter boats to take us to islands so we can fly to uninhabited places. No way to bring a charger with you on those trips


A new Bluetooth speaker, I trashed mine while replacing the battery and a man can’t skate without some tunes