FreeSK8 Development - Patreon Support

Looking to support Open Source FreeSK8 development? As an interim until the FreeSK8 Foundation non-profit is launched, we launched a Patreon site with some early beta access benefits for builders & eBoarding companies looking to sponsor our open source development efforts.

Each month, allocation and usage of the funds will be disclosed to our patrons so that we have transparency in how these funds are being used & distributed to developers on the project.

We also wanted to clarify that these patreon funds will go directly to open source development efforts which will in turn be used to publish code, hardware, & documentation. The FreeSK8 forums themselves are already funded so Patreon funds will not be used for that purpose.

We only launched our Patreon this month, but so far the support has been tremendous. Thanks so much for all of your continued support!


This is really impressive.

12 supporter = 369$
news has 92 supporter = 382$


We’ve seriously been blown away by the support we’ve been given so far. Thanks again everyone!

It’s worth repeating that this Patreon isn’t for funding these forums, it’s specifically going to Open Source development efforts.

These forums are already budgeted & funded as part of the larger FreeSK8 project.


Serious question… yeah not really.

Do Patreons get some kind of discount or first dibs on freesk8 products when they are released?


They do! Couple different benefits are available depending upon sponsor level. We’re also offering permanent discounts at the DRI shop + a sticker/swag bag for the first 50 patrons

We’re not really doing ‘first dibs’ on beta testing as we are scaling releases slowly as to not overwhelm ourselves with beta support, but there are invites to the private beta group on telegram which usually are tied to a hardware purchase.

This page has patron level details:


Thanks imma go read that


Who got the stickers? Show me what they are please.


@Andrew can you give some more details about the FreeSK8 Beta Testing Group patron privilege?


Pretty sure it works that when you buy a freesk8 product from DRI, you are presented with a link to a telegram group chat to discuss beta stuff.

I have known to be wrong before, so please correct me if I am wrong @Andrew


Sure thing!

It’s probably easier if we explain how we’re staging the beta- we are doing our best to not bite off more than we can chew while Renee & I are still in heavy development mode pushing FreeSK8 devices to beta-testing ready states.

We’ve been limiting the Beta Invitations to folks who have purchased FreeSK8 hardware (currently limited to just the NRF52 BLE modules) + those that have beta tested our OSRR remotes. We have a small dedicated FreeSK8 Beta Testing group on telegram + included access to the FreeSK8 Mobile App. This is mostly so we don’t get overwhelmed trying to keep up with user feedback. Eventually, all of this beta access will be public, so truthfully all you’re gaining here is some earlier access + input to the development process.

For reference, here are the 6 tiers we have now:

As we progress, we will be polling beta testers on certain features requests & their priority to users, so that will be another way to give additional feedback into development.

Higher support tiers also include a 'Beta Testing Hardware Kit" which will include selected free beta hardware (the first package sent out at 3mo will include a Robogotchi) + other access to prototypes.

Also putting together a pretty special ‘swag bag’ full of stickers + some extras for our Patrons across the board. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any further questions! We wanted to throw some incentives there so that it’s not solely just a one-way street with folks funding development efforts.


Thanks for taking the time, totally clear now :love_you_gesture:


This must have been changed recently, I thought I got free everything for just doing $5 a month. Ugh, guess I’ll give my money to Jason Potter’s new patreon.


What!? I didn’t know he had a Patreon, I’ve only seen his Dickstarter campaign


That’s where he gets most of his pocket lint from.


Got a link?

btw here is his patreon


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Omg I was completely joking about JP having a patreon…I didn’t even know it was real.

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